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GAMOMAT_15Years_DLX_banner_3648x372.gif Revolutionizes Betting With Exclusive Watch And Wager Patent Revolutionizes Betting With Exclusive Watch And Wager Patent

Leading AI Provider Secures Patent for Personalized Live Betting Experience, the forefront AI and machine-learning personalization software provider, proudly announces the granting of a patent for its groundbreaking targeted offer and enhancements system, specifically designed for its Watch and Wager betting platform.

The newly acquired patent encompasses the entirety of the live audiovisual experience, seamlessly connecting live sports events with users' mobile betting applications.

This innovative technology addresses the rising industry demand for customized betting products tailored to real-time sporting events, enhancing user engagement significantly.'s patented solution delivers time-sensitive interactive content during matches and games, meticulously curated for each user.

The system achieves this by synchronizing targeted betting content between the user's mobile application and the live televised match, utilizing unique audio detection technology.

This patented advancement empowers betting operators and media companies to offer real-time, personalized offers, promotions, and interactive experiences that blend seamlessly with the sporting content being watched.

With this breakthrough, has positioned itself at the crossroads of advanced AI and machine-learning methodologies, providing players with tailored, unparalleled gaming experiences.

Currently, approximately 85% of bettors engage in live sports matches, indicating a significant overlap between sports viewership and betting activities. Bettors tend to consume up to 30% more live sports content, amplifying the potential impact of personalized betting experiences during live events.

Chris Reynolds, Co-Founder, and CEO at, expressed his enthusiasm, stating: "Securing this patent is a game-changer for us as we delve into the world of innovative personalization experiences in the watch and wager domain. With the convergence of sports viewing and gambling, our aim is to offer engaging betting opportunities that resonate with viewers' preferences."

Reynolds further explained the significance of this patent, emphasizing's commitment to enhancing user experiences: "Our AI and ML solutions enable us to leverage user data effectively. By tailoring offers and interactive experiences based on individual preferences, we create compelling moments for users, enhancing their overall entertainment experience."'s cutting-edge AI and machine-learning products prioritize player engagement, leading to increased acquisition and retention on a global scale. With this exclusive patent, is poised to redefine the landscape of personalized betting experiences, ensuring that every user enjoys a unique and captivating journey.


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