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Flybet Launches In Brazil With WA.Technology’s Advanced Platform Solutions

Flybet Launches In Brazil With WA.Technology’s Advanced Platform Solutions
Flybet Launches In Brazil With WA.Technology’s Advanced Platform Solutions

In a groundbreaking move for the Brazilian iGaming scene, Flybet makes its grand entrance into the market, armed with WA.Technology's cutting-edge WA.Platform, including the specialized WA.Sports and WA.Casino solutions.

This collaboration between Flybet and WA.Technology signifies a new chapter in Brazilian iGaming, merging Flybet's fresh approach with WA.Technology's expertise to set unprecedented standards for player satisfaction and engagement.

Flybet emerges as a comprehensive iGaming hub tailored to Brazilian players, offering a diverse array of gaming options to cater to all preferences. From dynamic sports betting and casino games to immersive live casino experiences, virtual sports, and eSports tournaments, Flybet pledges to provide pure entertainment to its Brazilian audience.

Central to Flybet's sports betting segment is WA.Sports, delivering an exceptional sportsbook experience with an extensive array of pre-match and live events. Tailored content and intelligent features enrich the sportsbook, ensuring optimal engagement and retention among players with bespoke offerings crafted specifically for the Brazilian market.

Complementing the sportsbook, WA.Casino elevates Flybet's gaming portfolio with a premium casino experience. Players gain access to a vast selection of games from renowned industry developers, ensuring an exhilarating and immersive gaming journey.

The inception of Flybet underscores WA.Technology's prowess in crafting personalized iGaming solutions tailored to specific markets. The strategic integration of WA.Technology's verticals—WA.Platform, WA.Sports, and WA.Casino—underscores the company's commitment to delivering seamless and captivating user experiences that resonate with the distinct preferences of the Brazilian audience.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, expressed enthusiasm about Flybet's launch, stating, "The introduction of Flybet underscores our dedication to expanding our presence in Latam.

Through collaboration with the Flybet team, we've created an exciting brand infused with Brazilian flair, leveraging our latest technological advancements and extensive industry experience. We are confident that Flybet will achieve remarkable success in Brazil."

Flybet's emergence also highlights WA.Technology's growing influence in the Latam B2B iGaming sector as a leading provider of innovative solutions.

With a comprehensive suite of iGaming offerings and a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, WA.Technology continues to advance on its trajectory of growth, mirroring Flybet's potential to captivate the Brazilian iGaming community.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Flybet's CEO Dilton Couto dos Santos expressed gratitude for WA.Technology's contributions, stating, "We are immensely thankful for WA.Technology's unparalleled expertise and creative vision, which have brought Flybet to fruition.

Their dedication to innovation and quality has enabled us to offer a distinctive and competitive platform that stands out in Brazil's iGaming landscape."



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