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Frank & Fred Breaks Ground In Brazil With Zimpler Go Integration

Frank & Fred Breaks Ground In Brazil With Zimpler Go Integration
Frank & Fred Breaks Ground In Brazil With Zimpler Go Integration

Frank & Fred, a prominent casino brand, is making waves in the Brazilian market by integrating Zimpler Go, a cutting-edge player registration and payment solution developed by financial scale-up Zimpler.

This strategic collaboration positions Frank & Fred as the first to introduce Zimpler Go to the Brazilian audience, promising a seamless fusion of rapid account creation using CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration), a streamlined KYC (Know Your Customer) process, Pix payments, and instant payouts.

The partnership with Zimpler not only establishes Frank & Fred as a pioneer in gaming industry innovation in Brazil but also reinforces the brand's commitment to a player-centric approach, delivering an effortless, secure, and thrilling gaming experience.

Operating under its Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license, Frank & Fred adheres to a stringent regulatory framework, prioritizing player protection.

The integration of Zimpler Go aligns with the brand's dedication to providing a trusted and compliant gaming environment while unlocking new possibilities to engage the vibrant Brazilian gaming community.

Zimpler Go introduces revolutionary simplicity for both merchants and end-users. To create an account, players only need to provide their mobile number and a password.

This mobile number is then linked to the player’s account and CPF, reducing the risk of fraudulent account creation. Once set up, players can make instant deposits and withdrawals.

Regulatory compliance is a key feature of Zimpler Go, checking if a player is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or under sanctions in the EU and Latin America.

Johan Strand, CEO at Zimpler, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are excited at this new partnership and for the opportunity to support Frank & Fred to enter the Brazilian regulated market. It’s exciting to work with such an experienced team, always pushing to improve customer experience.

Zimpler Go is the tool they need to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations and position themselves as a top tier iGaming platform in Brazil, while being fully compliant with local industry regulations.”

Johan Königslehner, Director at Frank & Fred, added, “The partnership with Zimpler propels us into exciting terrain. The Brazilian market holds a realm of possibilities, and with Zimpler by our side, we’re poised to redefine the gaming narrative.

The Zimpler Go model has already proven to be effective in the Nordics, and we anticipate it will resonate well with what the Brazilian gaming community will expect from iGaming operators. We look forward to exploring this venture with Zimpler and setting a new benchmark in the industry."



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