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Future Anthem Redefines Sportsbook Personalisation With Real-time AI Sports Product

Future Anthem Redefines Sportsbook Personalisation With Real-time AI Sports Product

Future Anthem, a trailblazing AI and data science powerhouse, has introduced its personalisation product, Amplifier AI, for the sports industry, extending its cutting-edge capabilities in gambling to sports betting.

Amplifier AI's suite of sports features promises to revolutionize player engagement, offering tailored and unique sports betting experiences in real-time.

After securing substantial Series A funding, Anthem has made significant investments in its sports product, assembling a team of experts from leading sportsbook operators such as William Hill, Betfair, Betway, and Wynnbet.

Ian Tibot, Chief Product Officer, highlighted, "With the official launch of Amplifier AI for sports, Future Anthem is setting a new standard of personalisation for sports operators - and quickly. The sports betting landscape is diverse, with various player behaviors, making it a challenge for operators to provide a personalized experience. We've created Amplifier AI to personalize every step of the player journey in real-time."

Amplifier AI's real-time personalisation is powered by advanced AI technologies capable of processing the vast and rapid data streams in the sports betting industry. It can seamlessly deliver millions of personalized data points to players.

Operators adopting Amplifier AI's sports modules can personalize the entire betting experience, from the homepage to the bet slip. It creates live audiences for customized marketing campaigns, leverages AI for optimizing promotions, and identifies churn and risky behaviors in real-time.

Initial implementations have shown promising results, with Amplifier AI predicting churn 99% faster than traditional methods, achieving nearly a 50% email open rate for personalized marketing communications, and generating personalized audiences that boost app open rates by 200%.

Amplifier AI is poised to transform how operators approach player experiences, enabling highly measurable real-time interactions and setting a new standard for industry personalization.


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