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Future Anthem Welcomes John Atkinson As VP Of Business Development – Americas.

Updated: Jan 31

Future Anthem Welcomes John Atkinson As VP Of Business Development – Americas.
Future Anthem Welcomes John Atkinson As VP Of Business Development – Americas.

In a strategic move, Future Anthem, the forefront player in AI and data science, has announced the appointment of John Atkinson as Vice President of Business Development – Americas.

This crucial role will see Atkinson spearheading Future Anthem's commercial endeavours in the Americas, focusing on the promotion and sales of the company's suite of cutting-edge AI-driven products.

Atkinson, a seasoned iGaming and media executive, brings a wealth of experience from pivotal roles within the North American betting and gaming landscape. His recent role as Vice President of Business Development – Casino at FanDuel and prior positions at 888 and Genius Sports underscore his deep understanding of the industry.

Before venturing into the betting and gaming sector, Atkinson spent significant years contributing to sports media at major networks such as ESPN and Fox Sports.

Leigh Nissim, CEO of Future Anthem, emphasized the growing importance of real-time personalization in the American interactive markets. He stated, “The race to real-time personalisation is well and truly underway.

As the American interactive markets mature and the focus increasingly turns towards profitability and ROI, it’s more important than ever that operators leverage their data with AI to personalize player experiences to drive loyalty with additional engagement."

Nissim expressed enthusiasm about Atkinson's appointment, citing his extensive industry experience and deep understanding of U.S. operators. He anticipates that Atkinson will play a pivotal role in further embedding real-time AI across the U.S. and establishing long-term relationships in the region.

John Atkinson, the newly appointed VP of Business Development – Americas, shared his excitement, saying, “I am thrilled to be joining Future Anthem – a leader in AI and real-time personalisation. I look forward to leading Future Anthem in the Americas as we bring our first-class products to partners across the region. It’s a fantastic time to join the team, and I’m ready to help drive the business towards its goals.”

Future Anthem's AI technology has demonstrated its efficacy in helping operators boost revenues. The personalised bonuses delivered by Future Anthem's AI result in an average 10% increase in Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), while personal recommendations achieve a remarkable 300% higher engagement.

For those interested in learning more or scheduling a meeting with John Atkinson, Future Anthem invites you to visit their booth at ICE 2024. Discover the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of personalised player experiences.


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