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Galaxsys Expands Content Distribution With Pariplay

Galaxsys Expands Content Distribution With Pariplay

Galaxsys, a prominent provider in the fast and skill games sector, has announced its collaboration with Pariplay®, a leading aggregator and content provider that is part of the NeoGames group.

This partnership will involve integrating Galaxsys' portfolio of Crash-style games into Pariplay's Fusion® aggregation platform, offering players a wide selection of thrilling and instant winning experiences within the non-traditional slots industry.

The Galaxsys Fast Games portfolio encompasses a diverse range of games, including instant, crash, mines, and plinko games. These games are designed to cater to players who seek fast-paced and skill-based gameplay, providing them with engaging experiences and quick rewards.

Gil Soffer, Galaxsys Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "Pariplay is a tier 1 aggregator and content platform with a global reach. We are delighted to offer our fast and skill games content through Pariplay's Fusion® aggregation platform. Our portfolio consists of over eighteen fast and skill games, including crash games, fast table games, keno, and Asian games, all of which prioritize innovation and player engagement. We have plans to release thirty new fast games by the end of 2023."

Soffer further added, "Both Galaxsys and Pariplay share a common focus on enhancing the player game experience, as well as utilizing back-office conversion and retention tools that increase player value. Through our combined expertise and resources, we aim to bring new and exciting opportunities to wider communities and players worldwide, benefiting from Pariplay's extensive distribution network."

Teni Grigoryan, Galaxsys Head of the Sales Department, expressed delight in working with Pariplay and highlighted the company's proficiency in customer touchpoints related to the integration and implementation of Galaxsys' game portfolio. Grigoryan stated, "Our team is thrilled to collaborate with Pariplay, a leading player in the industry. We eagerly anticipate supporting Pariplay in the coming months as our product offerings continue to expand."

The partnership between Galaxsys and Pariplay signifies an exciting development in the fast and skill games sector. By joining forces, both companies are poised to deliver enhanced gaming experiences, leveraging their combined expertise to cater to a broader player base and create new avenues of entertainment in the global gaming market.



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