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Games Global's WowPot!™ Achieves Historic €40 Million Jackpot Milestone

Games Global's WowPot!™ Achieves Historic €40 Million Jackpot Milestone
Games Global's WowPot!™ Achieves Historic €40 Million Jackpot Milestone

Games Global, a trailblazer in the iGaming sector, is making waves once again as its WowPot!™ progressive jackpot soars past the remarkable milestone of €40 million.

The anticipation is building as the jackpot continues to climb, potentially offering not only the largest-ever online slot jackpot but also a prize double the size of the previous record.

Andrew Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, expressed excitement about this achievement, stating, "WowPot!™ continues to excite the industry and players alike, and it is little wonder as to why. The jackpot has added a further €10 million since June, and there is no telling how far it can go.

Climbing above the €40 million mark is another significant milestone in the history of our jackpot network, and means a prize pot of more than double the previous largest win is now up for grabs. We wait with bated breath to see when it will be won."

Games Global's flagship progressive jackpot, Mega Moolah™, holds the record for the largest single win on an online jackpot, with a staggering €19.4 million payout in April 2021. The WowPot!™ jackpot, part of the same network, has revitalized the jackpot landscape, positioning Games Global as a pioneer in creating engaging mechanics for players.

WowPot!™ features four tiers of progressive jackpots, with the largest starting at an impressive €2 million, enhancing the win potential for a growing array of online slot games.

In addition to WowPot!™, Games Global hosts a network of progressive jackpots, including Mega Moolah™, Ontario-ringfenced Maple Moolah™, and the recently introduced King Millions™.

The network not only boasts some of the largest jackpot prizes in history but is also recognized for its frequent payouts. In 2023 alone, the network has paid out over €73.8 million in jackpot prizes, equating to a win every 10.4 seconds on average.

The excitement doesn't stop here, as Games Global is set to unveil Gameburger Studios' Mega Moolah Megaways™ on December 18th. This release combines the legendary Megaways™ mechanic with the substantial win potential of the Mega Moolah™ progressive jackpot for the first time.

Games Global's continued success in the progressive jackpot space underscores its commitment to innovation, player engagement, and creating unforgettable gaming experiences.



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