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GiG Launches Cutting-Edge iGaming Platform And Sportsbook Solutions

GiG Launches Cutting-Edge iGaming Platform And Sportsbook Solutions
GiG Launches Cutting-Edge iGaming Platform And Sportsbook Solutions

GiG introduces CoreX and SportX, revolutionizing the iGaming landscape

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), an industry leader in B2B online gaming, has revealed groundbreaking advancements in its iGaming platform and sportsbook solutions ahead of ICE 2024.

The introduction of CoreX and SportX, part of the new X-Suite range, signifies a major stride in providing turnkey products tailored for regulated markets.

CoreX, the first of the innovations, is a dynamic, secure, and adaptable iGaming platform designed to meet evolving legislative and user demands globally.

Already operational in Latam, Europe, and North America, it stands out for its scalability and seamless integration capabilities with an extensive range of third-party providers, presenting a versatile solution for revenue growth in established and emerging markets.

Accompanying CoreX is the revolutionary sportsbook, SportX, engineered to deliver a comprehensive and integrated sports betting experience. With advanced back-end support and a 24/7 trading team, SportX allows real-time margin customization, making it exceptionally advanced and feature-rich.

Marketed as a sportsbook excelling in complex regulatory environments, SportX is set to redefine the sports betting landscape.

The X-Suite also includes GiG flagship products, DataX and LogicX, incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence and automation. These tools enhance operational efficiency, address operator requirements, and facilitate the creation of actionable business rules seamlessly, eliminating the need for coding knowledge.

GiG's incorporation of advanced machine learning models into its toolkit sets it apart, empowering operators with improved decision-making processes and rule building, fostering exponential revenue growth.

GiG plans to showcase its new X-Suite product range at ICE London 2024, emphasizing a product-centric approach at its stand (N9-140). This unveiling follows significant company developments, including key senior hires and successful brand launches in various regions.

Andrew Cochrane, Chief Business Officer at GiG, expressed confidence in the new chapter, stating, "With a product-centric approach to the stand at ICE London, it’s the perfect time to launch this new suite of products, and we look forward to showcasing it at the event."

GiG's X-Suite launch sets the stage for an exciting period, driving innovation and elevating the gaming experience for its partner network.


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