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GiG Strengthens Partnership With Betsson Through Rizk Casino Launch In Germany

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

GiG Strengthens Partnership With Betsson Through Rizk Casino Launch In Germany

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has announced the successful launch of the Rizk casino brand in Germany, leveraging GiG's award-winning platform.

This development comes after obtaining approval from Germany's new nationalized online gaming authority, which consolidated the regulations for the market.

As part of the Zecure deal that took place in April 2020, where Betsson acquired GiG's B2C assets, the launch of Rizk in Germany expands the partnership between the two companies.

This collaboration has steadily grown, now encompassing multiple brands in nine regulated markets across Europe and Latin America. Rizk aims to leverage the expertise and market knowledge of the experienced team behind the established brand.

GiG's B2B platform, which has received numerous accolades including "Full Service Platform of the Year" for 2023, has proven to be well-suited for complex regulated markets like Germany.

The platform combines GiG's extensive industry experience with agile technology, ensuring adaptability and scalability to comply with evolving regulatory frameworks. Currently regulated in 29 global markets, with an additional 8 in progress, GiG offers a wide range of growth opportunities for tier 1 partners like Betsson while maintaining the highest levels of consumer protection.

The German iGaming market has undergone significant legislative changes following the Fourth State Treaty on Gambling, which came into effect in July 2021.

The establishment of a new federal regulator, Gemeinsamen Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL), on January 1, 2023, centralized policy development, licensing controls, market monitoring, disputes, and operator conduct under a national governing body for the first time.

These changes are expected to provide a stable foundation for operators and providers to expand the German iGaming market, making it the largest in Europe in the years to come.

Marcel Elfersy, Chief Commercial Officer at GiG, expressed his confidence in the partnership with Betsson and the continuous expansion of their agreement. He highlighted the strength of GiG's platform, technology, and managed services teams, stating, "We've positioned ourselves to support our partners' growth aspirations by understanding opportunities and surpassing expectations. This ability to offer localized and personalized services to tier 1 operators like Betsson establishes GiG as a market leader in the B2B space."

Andrew Valenzia, Commercial Director at Betsson, celebrated the milestone achievement, emphasizing the return of the legendary Rizk brand to the German market. Valenzia expressed Betsson's commitment to delivering the best player experience in the industry, prioritizing safety and sustainability. The expansion into Germany further solidifies the successful partnership between Betsson and GiG, with GiG consistently providing excellent services that exceed expectations.

The launch of Rizk in Germany showcases the continuous growth and innovation fostered through the collaboration between GiG and Betsson. With a focus on delivering top-notch player experiences and complying with regulations, the partnership is poised to make a significant impact in the German iGaming market.


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