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GR8 Tech Appoints Deputy CEO's To Propel Innovation And Growth

GR8 Tech Appoints Deputy CEO's To Propel Innovation And Growth
GR8 Tech Appoints Deputy CEO's To Propel Innovation And Growth

GR8 Tech has announced significant changes to its leadership team with the strategic promotions of Artur Ashyrov and Oleksandr Feshchenko to Deputy CEO's (Chief Executive Officers). These appointments aim to enhance the company’s focus on innovation and long-term growth.

With Ashyrov, previously the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Feshchenko, formerly the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), stepping into their new roles, GR8 Tech CEO Evgen Belousov will shift his focus towards the company’s strategic and visionary pursuits. This restructuring is designed to streamline operations and foster the company's ambitious goals.

Evgen Belousov remarked, “The greatest challenges and opportunities arise where the interests of different functions intersect. Oleksandr and Artur have a proven track record in cross-functional projects, showcasing their deep understanding of our business. Their new roles will enable them to steer GR8 Tech toward even greater success.”

In their expanded roles, Ashyrov and Feshchenko will concentrate on identifying growth opportunities and developing actionable strategies to seize them. They will continue to lead GR8 Tech’s technology and revenue departments, ensuring a smooth transition and effective management of their new responsibilities.

“I’m a huge believer in the efficiency of cross-functional teams, having seen their ingenuity and fresh approach multiple times. Combining my CTO experience with a Deputy CEO perspective is an exciting and extremely interesting challenge. I’m eager to enhance our internal processes and deliver noticeable improvements in our SLAs, platform’s stability, and performance,” said Artur Ashyrov.

Echoing this sentiment, Oleksandr Feshchenko added, “Coming from the product side, I’ve always been invested in the entire lifecycle – from profitability to process optimization. As Deputy CEO and CRO, I’m excited to implement my vision for a more efficient and innovative company-wide flow.”

GR8 Tech will showcase its latest advancements and discuss these exciting changes at the upcoming iGB L!VE event in Amsterdam on July 17-18. Attendees are encouraged to visit the GR8 Tech stand 12-G75 to learn more about the company’s enhanced leadership team and their plans to drive further growth and innovation. The event will also provide insights into GR8 Tech’s cutting-edge solutions for iGaming operators.

This leadership overhaul positions GR8 Tech to leverage its internal strengths, driving forward with a renewed focus on delivering superior performance and innovative solutions in the iGaming industry.



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