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Hipther Agency Unveils New Media Initiatives for Global Gaming Industry Coverage

Hipther Agency Unveils New Media Initiatives for Global Gaming Industry Coverage
Hipther Agency Unveils New Media Initiatives for Global Gaming Industry Coverage

Leading the charge in comprehensive coverage for dynamic industries like Gaming and Technology, Hipther Agency announces a strategic expansion with the launch of "Gaming Pulse," a Monthly Online Magazine covering Europe and the Americas.

Additionally, the agency introduces the "European Gaming MidWeek NewsWire" on LinkedIn.

This expansion follows Hipther's successful track record of multi-year and multi-faceted media presence in the global gaming sector.

The freshly unveiled "Gaming Pulse" is set to bring the industry's dynamic rhythm directly to readers' devices. The magazine will curate global news, trends, influential interviews, and insights from Hipther's staple publications, European Gaming Media and Gaming Americas, designed for Europe and the Americas, respectively.

The seamless, sleek, and user-friendly flipbook publication promises premium content, ensuring an exciting monthly reading experience for industry enthusiasts.

Simultaneously, the "European Gaming MidWeek NewsWire," initially a popular newsletter from Hipther's European Gaming Media, takes a leap into LinkedIn's dynamic landscape.

This move brings top gaming news, key interviews, strategic partnerships, and industry updates into a single LinkedIn Newsletter, enriching the everyday social media experience for gaming professionals.

Zoltán Tűndik, Co-founder, and Head of Business at Hipther, emphasized the strategic importance of these additions, saying, "We are thrilled to announce the launch of the digital Gaming Pulse, a bold step forward from our cherished printed magazine that graced the industry from 2016 to 2018.

Embracing digitalization isn't just a nod to technological advancement; it's a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our love for the industry doesn't cost the earth.

The digital magazine allows us to deliver the most current insights and updates with the agility and interactivity that our readers deserve. Furthermore, we're excited to transform our weekly newsletter, taking it from email to LinkedIn. This move isn't just about changing platforms; it's about fostering a more engaged and interactive community.

By being where our readers are, we aim to create a vibrant space for dialogue, networking, and shared passion for the iGaming industry."

With over 16 years of legacy, Hipther Agency continues to be a trailblazer in connecting companies with their target audience through extensive networking and publishing opportunities worldwide. This strategic expansion marks another milestone in their commitment to delivering valuable and impactful content, shaping the gaming media landscape.

Gaming professionals, enthusiasts, and industry stakeholders are invited to join Hipther on this exciting journey with "Gaming Pulse" and the "European Gaming MidWeek NewsWire."



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