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Innovative Ortak Platform Introduces a Game-Changing Investment Model in iGaming

Innovative Ortak Platform Introduces a Game-Changing Investment Model In iGaming
Innovative Ortak Platform Introduces a Game-Changing Investment Model In iGaming

Ortak revolutionizes the iGaming landscape by introducing an innovative investment product that allows casino game creators to sell shares of their games as NFT-slots, ushering in a new era of investment opportunities.

Ortak, a groundbreaking innovation in the iGaming industry, is set to transform the gaming landscape with its unique investment product. This innovative solution enables casino game creators to freely sell shares of their games in the form of NFT-slots through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), providing a fresh approach to investment in the iGaming sector.

With Ortak, any casino game now has the potential to create its own collection of NFT-slots, available for public sale. This introduces a decentralized and open-market approach to investment in casino games, allowing for greater flexibility and accessibility.

Investors, on the other hand, can actively participate by purchasing shares in the NFT-slots registered on the Bahamut blockchain, essentially becoming slotholders for the respective games. This democratized investment model opens up new opportunities for individuals to engage with and invest in their favorite casino games.

The Ortak platform, where this revolutionary solution will be available, will provide users with a comprehensive view of all the products on offer. Users can explore the prices for shares, available income percentages, and make informed investment decisions based on transparent and accessible information.

The introduction of Ortak's innovative investment model is poised to bring a wave of change to the iGaming industry, offering a decentralized and inclusive approach to investment in casino games. This forward-thinking platform is set to redefine how players, creators, and investors engage with and contribute to the iGaming ecosystem.

Stay tuned for additional updates as Ortak continues to disrupt the traditional investment landscape in iGaming, providing a platform for the future of decentralized gaming investment.


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