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Internet Vikings Expands US Presence With Full Licensing In Arizona And Vendor Registration In...

Internet Vikings Expands US Presence with Full Licensing in Arizona and Vendor Registration in New York

Internet Vikings Becomes the First Fully Licenced in Arizona and Vendor Registered in New York Sportsbetting Hosting Provider Internet Vikings, a leading provider of hosting services, has strengthened its position in the United States by obtaining an Ancillary Supplier License in Arizona. Additionally, the company has expanded its reach on the East Coast by securing vendor registration in New York.

Rickard Vikström, Founder and CEO of Internet Vikings, emphasized the significance of these achievements, stating, "Gaining approval from the local authorities in Arizona and New York is a major milestone for us. New York, being the largest and highest-grossing sports betting market in North America, holds strategic importance for the industry. Equally important is our ability to offer our services in Arizona, where the number of sportsbooks is rapidly increasing."

Vikström further explained that these developments enable Internet Vikings to meet the growing demand for reliable hosting services that are protected against DDoS attacks.

Elena Kvakova, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Internet Vikings, highlighted the smooth process of obtaining the supplier license in Arizona. The company partnered with a licensed local data center, as per compliance requirements, to ensure adherence to regulatory norms.

In New York, Internet Vikings has established its operations within one of the prestigious upstate casinos. This arrangement not only ensures compliance with local legislation but also guarantees optimal connectivity and performance for their clients.

Kristoffer Ottosson, Chief Operations Officer, expressed the company's readiness to support their clientele, stating, "We continuously leverage our infrastructure to provide reliable, scalable, and secure services. We are fully prepared to expand and meet the evolving needs of our customers."

Internet Vikings remains committed to its mission of delivering comprehensive hosting services tailored to the unique requirements of the casino and online sports betting industry.

The company's expansion into these two markets is aligned with its unwavering dedication to empowering clients with secure and reliable hosting solutions that foster business growth and success. With their fully licensed operations in Arizona and vendor registration in New York, Internet Vikings is well-positioned to serve the needs of the growing US market.



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