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Light & Wonder Ventures Into Flows' Innovative Platform With Strategic Investment

Light & Wonder Ventures Into Flows' Innovative Platform With Strategic Investment
Light & Wonder Ventures Into Flows' Innovative Platform With Strategic Investment

Groundbreaking Collaboration Set to Revolutionize Tech Solutions in iGaming.

In a groundbreaking move, Light & Wonder, Inc. (LNW) has announced a strategic investment in Flows, a leading no-code automation platform, poised to reshape the landscape of technology solutions in the iGaming industry.

The investment aims to propel the global growth trajectory of Light & Wonder, the provider behind the innovative marketing jackpots feature, by leveraging Flows' cutting-edge technology.

Already, Light & Wonder has reaped success with Flows' technology, introducing a pioneering operator-funded marketing jackpots feature, enhancing value for partners. This investment signals a deeper commitment to driving innovation and expansion within the iGaming sector.

By infusing capital into Flows, Light & Wonder is empowering the platform to penetrate new markets and scale its operations rapidly, paving the way for substantial worldwide growth opportunities.

Flows' no-code automation platform streamlines development processes and integration complexities, enabling businesses to achieve operational efficiency without the need for traditional coding methods. With Light & Wonder's backing, Flows is poised to accelerate its product development cycle, ensuring swift deployment of new features and solutions.

A recent milestone for Flows includes the launch of its groundbreaking voice-activated tool, which leverages voice or text commands to construct intricate omnichannel jackpots. This innovative tool harnesses voice technology, automation, and advanced AI language models, marking a significant leap forward in software development.

The collaboration between Light & Wonder and Flows builds upon an existing partnership, with Light & Wonder spearheading the integration of key features and applications within its marketing jackpot feature across its operator network.

Dylan Slaney, CEO of iGaming at Light & Wonder, expressed enthusiasm about the investment, stating: "Flows' world-class technology has already demonstrated its potential through our network jackpots feature. This strategic investment aligns with our vision to drive innovation and excellence in the iGaming sector."

James King, CEO of Flows, echoed Slaney's sentiments, emphasizing the transformative impact of Light & Wonder's support on Flows' growth journey. "With Light & Wonder's backing, we are poised to lead the way in codeless automation solutions globally," said King. "This partnership opens up unparalleled opportunities for Flows and our clients, driving innovation and accessibility in technology solutions."

The collaboration between Light & Wonder and Flows marks a significant milestone in the evolution of tech solutions within the iGaming industry, promising to revolutionize operations and drive unprecedented growth opportunities for both entities and their stakeholders.



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