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Lion Gaming Partners With Flows For Enhanced iGaming Innovation

Lion Gaming Partners With Flows For Enhanced iGaming Innovation

Flows, the renowned no-code innovation platform, has inked a deal with Lion Gaming, a premium casino and sportsbook provider, to leverage its cutting-edge no-code automation platform.

This partnership entails the integration of Flows into Lion Gaming's platform, facilitating rapid and code-free development of new features and applications. By consolidating various data points from multiple systems into one accessible location,

Lion Gaming aims to accelerate the deployment of new features, enhance integration opportunities, and simultaneously reduce development time and operational expenses.

Lion Gaming is a leading provider of online casino and sportsbook platforms, distinguished by its innovative white-label and turnkey solutions. At the core of its offerings lies the Fer0x Engine, a revolutionary platform designed to elevate the success and expansion of its partners.

Beyond conventional iGaming software, Lion Gaming has made a mark in the industry by specializing in blockchain and web3 iGaming solutions. It has also crafted tools tailored to enhance customer acquisition, retention, and profitability for its clients.

Flows is engineered to be the most versatile software in the market, capable of seamlessly coexisting with any other business technology. This allows organizations to innovate freely and without constraints.

Flows, a no-code plug-in platform, aids businesses in accelerating development and streamlining integrations within a unified interface and workflow automation tool. It serves affiliate networks, operators, and suppliers alike.

By adopting Flows' no-code approach, Lion Gaming and its customer base can effortlessly connect disparate data sources like CRM systems, payment gateways, and affiliate networks using a single interface. This enables them to achieve a unified operational view.

Flows recently introduced "Flo," an AI software development tool activated via spoken or written language. Flo revolutionizes the process of building digital products, empowering Flows clients and marketplace partners to deliver features and products rapidly without requiring roadmaps or extensive development time.

Duncan McIntyre, President & CEO of Lion Gaming, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "As a company committed to building the most innovative iGaming solutions, Lion Gaming is thrilled to partner with Flows.

With their advanced technology, we will be able to accelerate product development and simplify integration processes. These two advantages empower us to not only maintain our commitment to delivering bleeding-edge features to our customers, but to do so quicker than ever before."

James King, CEO of Flows, shared his excitement about securing Lion Gaming as a client, noting, "We are delighted to have secured Lion Gaming as a client. I’ve eagerly followed Duncan’s progress with Lion Gaming and I am immensely proud that Flows will play a part in supporting and enhancing their journey.

They’re an innovative supplier that recognize the value and the benefits that Flows can bring them. We’re looking forward to seeing how Lion Gaming embrace and utilize Flows' game-changing technology."

This partnership signifies a significant step forward in Lion Gaming's commitment to delivering cutting-edge iGaming solutions, leveraging Flows' advanced technology to streamline their operations and enhance innovation.




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