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Livespins Collaborates With Golden Rock To Elevate Streaming Experience

Livespins Collaborates With Golden Rock

Livespins, renowned for its engaging streaming platform, has taken a significant stride by integrating Golden Rock's comprehensive collection of games into its portfolio.

This strategic partnership introduces an exciting new dimension to the world of online gaming entertainment.

Through this collaboration, Livespins' star streamers will be able to showcase Golden Rock's popular titles during their broadcasts. Viewers not only have the opportunity to watch the gameplay unfold in real-time but also actively participate by placing bets alongside the streamer. This interactive betting experience fosters a sense of community betting, where each player can personalize their bets and the number of spins.

Amid the intense and captivating gameplay featured in titles like Remember Remember, Big Bad Beasts, and Bonus Only, Livespins emphasizes social interaction as an integral part of the experience. Players can engage in lively conversations with both the streamer and fellow viewers throughout the broadcast. Furthermore, the chat function allows users to express themselves with reactions, emojis, and gifs, enhancing the overall enjoyment regardless of the outcome of their bets.

Livespins takes its engagement a step further with the introduction of Lightning Drop and Lightning Races, which adds an exciting jackpot and tournament element to the gaming experience. These features not only enhance player engagement but also extend the duration of playtime and player retention.

For Golden Rock, this collaboration signifies an innovative way to introduce its game offerings to a broader audience of players through the medium of streaming. This partnership aligns well with the rising demand for casino streaming content and provides an avenue for Golden Rock to expand its operator network and reach new player demographics, including Millennial and Generation Z audiences.

Livespins' unique positioning within the casino lobby ensures that players are protected by responsible gambling measures mandated by international and local licenses. This commitment to player safety makes streaming within Livespins' platform a responsible and compliant endeavor for both Golden Rock and the operators integrating Livespins.

Michael Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer at Livespins, expressed enthusiasm for Golden Rock's engaging games, stating, "Golden Rock’s games are great fun and perfect for streaming thanks to the explosive gameplay they deliver. Our streamers are already chomping at the bit to use its titles in their broadcasts."

Gary Francis, Head of Sales and Marketing at Golden Rock, highlighted the substantial demand for casino streaming content and the partnership's significance. "This makes it one of the most important partnership deals we have signed and we look forward to seeing its streamers fire up the reels on our titles and for players to join them on the thrill ride they provide."

As this collaboration unfolds, Livespins and Golden Rock are set to transform the streaming experience, offering players a dynamic and interactive way to engage with their favorite casino games and streamers.


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