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NSoft And Madasava Revolutionize Betting With Game-Changing Offline Betting App

NSoft And Madasava Revolutionize Betting With Game-Changing Offline Betting App

Imagine placing bets without needing an internet connection. NSoft and its partner Madasava are turning this dream into reality with a groundbreaking web mobile application that redefines betting in an offline environment.

In an era of ever-evolving technology, this initiative aims to push boundaries and address connectivity gaps, especially in areas where internet access is limited.

Harnessing SMS Power

The days of being unable to play due to a lack of internet connectivity are over. With this innovative mobile application, users can bet on pre-match events, participate in virtual games, and try their luck in online lotteries - all offline. This application creates a revolutionary and user-friendly betting landscape, making the process as seamless as if you were online.

A Fluid, Intuitive Experience

The application replicates the smooth and intuitive betting experience familiar to online users. Using it is akin to placing bets online. Players can select, add, and remove bets from their bet slip. Once confirmed, these selections are automatically translated into an SMS code. Users can place bets from anywhere, using their mobile device, without needing an internet connection.

This application also enables users to register, deposit, and withdraw money from their betting accounts directly from their device, without an internet connection. This inclusivity empowers players, particularly in regions with limited internet access.

For those concerned about staying updated with the latest odds and payouts, the application offers the option to access real-time information with a simple click.

Inclusive and Empowering

The collaboration between NSoft and Madasava opens doors to new betting possibilities and experiences, particularly in African regions with limited network infrastructure.

Nikola Crnjac, Sales Manager at NSoft, notes, "Bringing the joy and excitement of betting to areas with limited internet infrastructure has always been a goal we aspired to achieve."

Madasava CEO Hemant Gujadhur adds, "Together, we are paving a path that bridges gaps and creates opportunities in regions where the betting market has remained largely untapped."

This partnership is set to boost revenues for existing clients and reshape the betting industry, making it more inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable for all. Join this remarkable journey towards a new era in betting.


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