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Octoplay and ELA Games Unleash AXE SMASH For A Revolutionary Gaming Adventure

Octoplay And ELA Games Unleash AXE SMASH For A Revolutionary Gaming Adventure
Octoplay And ELA Games Unleash AXE SMASH For A Revolutionary Gaming Adventure

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Octoplay and ELA Games have joined forces to introduce a unique gaming experience - AXE SMASH.

This innovative game seamlessly integrates the distinctive SMASH mechanics and character design from ELA Games, promising players an unparalleled journey into the world of virtual lumberjack action.

Embark on an adventure with lumberjack Bobby Woods as he takes on the challenge of cutting down a formidable money tree in a hidden and legendary forest. Each successful hit releases a shower of money, but when the rhythm is mastered, Bobby unleashes his chainsaw, turning the scene into a cash-fueled frenzy.

Michael Cini, Business Owner of ELA Games, expressed confidence in the collaboration, stating, "Octoplay has combined their mechanics with inspiration from ELA Games. We are glad to support this unique product and are very excited to see this go live - AXE SMASH is based on advanced gamification features, the gameplay looks incredible, and it's a great opportunity to showcase our work at ICE London."

Nick Vuchev, Commercial Director of Octoplay, shared the enthusiasm, saying, “Octoplay is thrilled to collaborate with ELA Games on the innovative Axe Smash game. Our commitment to providing unparalleled gaming experiences aligns perfectly with the creative prowess of ELA Games.

We are confident that Axe Smash will be a hit with players, combining the best of mechanics, design, and user experience. As we prepare for the showcase at ICE London, we are eager to demonstrate how Octoplay continues to expand the horizons of entertainment and technology.”

This dynamic collaboration showcases the synergistic power of creative studios working in tandem. AXE SMASH is set to be available for partners starting from January 19th, promising a new era in gaming where mechanics, design, and user experience converge to create an unforgettable adventure for players.


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