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Pariplay® Strengthens Ignite® Portfolio With Exclusive 916 Gaming Collaboration

Pariplay® Strengthens Ignite® Portfolio With Exclusive 916 Gaming Collaboration
Pariplay® Strengthens Ignite® Portfolio With Exclusive 916 Gaming Collaboration

In a move to enhance its Ignite® program, Pariplay®, a subsidiary of NeoGames S.A (Nasdaq: NGMS), has entered into a strategic partnership with 916 Gaming.

This collaboration marks a significant expansion for Pariplay® and adds another dynamic studio to its Ignite® program.

As part of the agreement, 916 Gaming, an emerging US-based studio, will leverage Pariplay®'s turnkey development framework. This framework is designed to facilitate a rapid speed-to-market approach, with all game launches backed by a comprehensive suite of engagement solutions.

The collaboration comes with a notable advantage for Pariplay®, as it gains global exclusivity on all 916 Gaming content. The boutique provider has a promising roadmap for 2024, emphasizing its dedication to innovation and creating captivating experiences for players.

916 Gaming specializes in interactive casino games tailored to resonate with a younger generation of iCasino players. The studio's forward-thinking approach incorporates crash content and draws inspiration from popular mobile games, positioning it as a unique and appealing addition to the Ignite® program.

Ignite® stands out for its versatility, supporting any coding language and enabling the rapid and cost-effective development of content. This empowers game developers to efficiently reach global markets, aligning with the ever-evolving dynamics of the iGaming industry.

Ashley Bloor, Director of Partnerships at Pariplay®, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “916 Gaming is a bold, forward-looking studio that has quickly established itself in the industry, in particular through developing localised content for US players."

He added, "Being able to swiftly roll out its impressive content portfolio across our global distribution network is something that we feel will benefit our customers, and we’re confident that 916 Gaming’s titles will stand out with players not just in North America, but globally.”

Steven Astrachan, Co-Founder and CEO at 916 Gaming, shared his excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are elated to announce our partnership with Pariplay® as a member of Ignite®. This collaboration enables us to expedite the development of our games on a certified RGS, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance."

He emphasized the opportunities provided by the Ignite® program, stating, "Moreover, the Ignite® program provides us with the invaluable opportunity to rapidly expand our distribution channels through their expansive network of operator partners.

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for us, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences to a global audience.”


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