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Pascal Gaming's Remarkable Year Culminates At SiGMA Europe

Pascal Gaming's Remarkable Year Culminates At SiGMA Europe
Pascal Gaming's Remarkable Year Culminates At SiGMA Europe

Pascal Gaming, after a transformative year marked by innovation and expansion, is taking center stage at SiGMA Europe in Malta.

This global event serves as a platform for forward-thinking brands to reflect on their journey and achievements throughout the year.

The past year has seen Pascal Gaming ascend to new heights in terms of innovation, scale, and growth. A notable accomplishment is the substantial expansion of its game portfolio, skyrocketing from 32 to an impressive 82 games within a single year. This surge includes the introduction of novel game lines featuring slots, virtual sports, and crypto games.

Pascal Gaming has experienced a threefold increase in Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), ventured into new markets, and obtained certifications that have opened doors to new jurisdictions. While these statistics capture the essence of the brand's success, Pascal Gaming's true triumph lies in its dedicated player community.

Games such as Blast, Fishing, Mines, and the latest slot releases have resonated with players across Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The studio's unique approach involves crafting market-specific games, yielding significantly higher results per market and fostering deeper audience engagement.

The growth of Pascal Gaming's loyal player base has exceeded expectations, attributed to the studio's commitment to simplicity in gameplay and an unwavering focus on enhancing the end-user experience.

Each game, including popular titles like Oddball, Jumbo Diamond, Wild Weed, Inner Eye, Fast Flip, and the recently launched Pumpkin Payday and Fruity Clover, is meticulously designed to prioritize user experience.

Pascal Gaming's titles boast bold and industry-defining features, providing players with a fresh and unparalleled gaming experience. A standout example is Fishing, a crash game with a unique feature allowing betting after cashout but before the round's crash. Players can place bets and cash out multiple times before the final outcome.

These distinctive features not only redefine the gaming experience but also set new industry trends for others to follow. All the showcased games, including the groundbreaking Fishing, are on display at Pascal Gaming's booth at SiGMA Europe in Malta, marking the culmination of a remarkable year for the innovative gaming brand. Pascal Gaming's journey continues, promising further advancements and exciting developments in the gaming landscape.



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