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PlayOJO Launches "Too Much Of Anything Can Be Bad" Campaign For Safer Gambling

PlayOJO Launches "Too Much Of Anything Can Be Bad" Campaign For Safer Gambling

In a bid to promote responsible gambling habits, online casino giant PlayOJO has unveiled its innovative campaign, "Too Much of Anything Can Be Bad."

This initiative is part of PlayOJO's contribution to Safer Gambling Week 2023, emphasizing the importance of moderation in all aspects of life, including gambling.

The campaign, set to run from 6th November, features a series of entertaining video skits shared across PlayOJO's social media platforms. These videos showcase humorous yet relatable situations where excessive indulgence in harmless activities turns problematic.

From too much sleep to an overdose of spicy food, the campaign emphasizes the underlying message that balance and moderation are key to a healthy lifestyle, even in the realm of online gambling.

PlayOJO's engaging approach aims to capture the audience's attention while imparting a crucial message about responsible gambling.

The casino's Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Bennett, highlighted the campaign's significance, stating, "This is a quirky and fun campaign which aligns with our overall brand positioning but with a clear main message about why players need to stay in control of their play – too much of anything can be bad."

PlayOJO, powered by SkillOnNet, has been at the forefront of promoting safer gambling practices. Their Safer Gambling features, including Safe Mate, empower players with tools to monitor their gaming habits, ensuring they adhere to budgets and recognize any changes that might require attention.

The campaign not only reinforces PlayOJO's commitment to responsible gambling but also demonstrates their dedication to reaching players where they are – on social media platforms.

Through humor and relatability, PlayOJO's "Too Much of Anything Can Be Bad" campaign stands out as an effective and memorable contribution to Safer Gambling Week 2023.





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