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PlayStar Teams Up With Enteractive For Player Reactivation Campaigns

PlayStar Teams Up With Enteractive For Player Reactivation Campaigns
PlayStar Teams Up With Enteractive For Player Reactivation Campaigns

Enteractive, a leading player conversion and reactivation services provider, has entered into a partnership with PlayStar, the rising star in the U.S. online casino scene, to bolster their CRM efforts with tailored reactivation campaigns aimed at reengaging dormant players.

The collaboration between Enteractive and PlayStar focuses on activating registered non-funded player accounts and launching reactivation initiatives to revive inactive players within the sports betting brand's database.

Jon Bowden, PlayStar's Chief Marketing Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to partner with Enteractive and their innovative approach to player engagement. The team’s expertise in both conversion and reactivation campaigns will help us maximize our NGR and enhance the player experience for audiences."

With over 15 years of experience, Enteractive stands out as an industry leader in player conversion and reactivation. Leveraging their proprietary (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform, the company facilitates direct and personalized communication between iGaming operators and their players through genuine one-on-one interactions conducted by native-speaking sales agents.

Andrew Foster, Enteractive's Chief Business Officer, highlighted the company's commitment to enhancing player engagement and driving results for PlayStar. "Our primary goal is to facilitate direct communication between iGaming companies and their players using genuine one-on-one interactions.

With the aid of our highly skilled team of local U.S. call agents, we are certain that PlayStar can increase their results in player conversions and reactivations."

Enteractive's track record speaks volumes about their effectiveness, engaging with over 8.1 million players in the past year alone and generating substantial revenue for global operators.

Foster emphasized, "Brands that wish to improve their players’ experience and boost financial gains at the same time will find Enteractive’s sustainable, personalized approach the secret sauce they’ve been looking for!"

With native-speaking call agents supporting iGaming brands worldwide, Enteractive successfully converts more than 18,000 players per month for a variety of leading operators, solidifying its position as a trusted partner in player engagement and reactivation initiatives.



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