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RAW iGaming Expands Reach Through Digitain Partnership

RAW iGaming Expands Reach Through Digitain Partnership
RAW iGaming Expands Reach Through Digitain Partnership

In a strategic move to enhance its distribution and market presence, RAW iGaming, the trailblazing online casino content provider, has entered into a partnership with Digitain, a major platform provider in the iGaming industry.

This collaboration opens up new avenues for operators leveraging the innovative Digitain platform, allowing them to offer players some of the most sought-after content in the market. RAW iGaming adopts a "Stand Out or Stand Down" approach to game development, ensuring its online slots deliver an exhilarating experience with every spin.

RAW iGaming's titles are crafted with a unique game development philosophy, blending trademarked mechanics and bonus features with immersive design, impactful sound, and engaging characters and narratives.

Digitain, through this partnership, gains access to RAW iGaming's full portfolio, featuring popular games like Ave Caesar, Raging Super2Ways, and the recently launched Twisted Toy Tales™.

The standout innovations from RAW iGaming, namely SuperSlice®, SuperTracks®, and SuperSymbols™, are integral components of these titles. SuperSlice replaces traditional reels with wheels, while SuperTracks employs pathways or tracks to determine wins.

SuperSymbols introduces adjacent matching symbols that combine, with larger SuperSymbols presenting greater win potential.

The partnership aligns well with Digitain's commitment to innovation, creating a synergy between two companies that share a common belief in pushing boundaries and embracing new concepts.

Tom Wood, Founder and CEO of RAW iGaming, emphasized the provider's success in the market by daring to be different while ensuring that games remain easy to understand for players.

He expressed optimism about the partnership with Digitain, describing it as a significant step forward in expanding the reach of RAW iGaming's titles among both established operators and challenger brands seeking innovative content.

This collaboration marks a milestone for RAW iGaming as it continues to carve a distinctive path in the competitive landscape of online casino content creation.


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