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RAW iGaming Introduces Aztec SuperTracks™: An Epic Adventure Awaits Players

RAW iGaming Introduces Aztec SuperTracks™: An Epic Adventure Awaits Players

Prepare for an extraordinary gaming experience with Aztec SuperTracks™, the latest release from RAW iGaming, a studio dedicated to revolutionizing the gaming industry.

Aztec SuperTracks™ invites players into a mythical 9x7 world, where a captivating adventure unfolds, featuring heroes, gods, and the potential for epic wins. The game follows the journey of four intrepid heroes as they embark on a quest to discover special offerings that will appease their angry deities and maintain order in the world. The journey is powered by RAW's innovative SuperTracks® pay mechanic, offering an array of power-ups, gems, and bonuses along the way.

SuperTracks® creates dynamic pathways that the four heroes traverse, allowing them to collect valuable items such as Gems, which determine the players' wins, and Offerings to the gods. Players must navigate carefully to avoid round-ending pitfalls and blockers, adding an element of strategy to the game.

Aztec SuperTracks™ is played on a large bi-directional panel that adjusts its orientation for optimal viewing on various devices. The hunt for God Gems is central to the game's excitement, with greater collections yielding bigger rewards.

The game boasts a diverse range of features to keep gameplay engaging, including powerful game enhancements that increase winning opportunities, four feature tiles offering instant rewards, Respins triggered by gem collections, and a Paradise Respin Bonus for those who present human heart offerings to the gods.

Aztec SuperTracks™ also features Bonus Rush®, allowing players in supported markets to leap directly into the heart of the bonus action.

Tom Wood, CEO of RAW iGaming, expressed how Aztec SuperTracks™ offers players a genuine adventure through its unique and thrilling gameplay: "This is yet another example of how our patent-pending mechanics provide the flexibility to create a wide variety of scenarios. We are not a standard studio and will continue to push boundaries. Aztec SuperTracks™ is a great example of that, being as compelling as it is thrilling. A true adventure like no other."


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