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Real Dealer Studios Introduces Multi-Hand Blackjack To Cinematic Games Collection

Real Dealer Studios Introduces Multi-Hand Blackjack To Cinematic Games Collection
Real Dealer Studios Introduces Multi-Hand Blackjack To Cinematic Games Collection

Real Dealer Studios, a leading name in Hollywood-style table games, has unveiled its latest blackjack title, "Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack with Rachael," elevating its cinematic offerings.

This release stands out as the first from the studio to feature multi-hand functionality, providing players with the thrilling option to bet on up to three hands per round.

The multi-hand feature replicates the experience of land-based casino tables, allowing players to engage with multiple hands simultaneously, each with distinct bet amounts.

In "Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack with Rachael," hosted by actress Rachael Bower (known for her role in Twin Peaks), players can independently place bets, make decisions, and execute actions like splitting or doubling down on each of the three hands in play. The cinematic experience unfolds as Rachael interacts with players, dealing cards and commenting on outcomes.

Real Dealer Studios achieves this immersive dealer interaction through its innovative Cinematic RNG process. This involves recording cinema-quality video with professional actors, directors, and production crews, integrating it into a random number generator-based game framework.

Adding a unique touch to the game, "Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack with Rachael" introduces the Ten-20TM side bet, a first among Cinematic RNG blackjack titles. This side bet pays out when the player's initial two cards total 10 or 20, with a pair of 5s yielding the maximum payout of 22:1.

This release marks Rachael Bower's fourth appearance in a Real Dealer production and joins the studio's diverse blackjack portfolio, including titles like "Vinnie Jones Blackjack," "Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia," and "Ultimate Blackjack with Rachael." Available exclusively from Games Global, the game offers a fast-paced and engaging addition to Real Dealer's cinematic collection.

Real Dealer Studios continues to push the boundaries of innovation, delivering captivating gaming experiences to players through its Hollywood-inspired table games.


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