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Real Dealer Studios Releases Innovative '9 Masks Of Fire' Roulette

Real Dealer Studios Releases Innovative '9 Masks Of Fire' Roulette
Real Dealer Studios Releases Innovative '9 Masks Of Fire' Roulette

Real Dealer Studios, the cinematic casino games producer, is setting the gaming world ablaze by introducing a unique roulette adaptation of the globally acclaimed slots title, '9 Masks of Fire.'

Titled '9 Masks of Fire Roulette,' the release marks a groundbreaking fusion of slot excitement and classic table game dynamics, bringing a fresh and enticing experience to players. The game features a distinctive random multiplier element, offering players the opportunity to amplify straight-up bet wins by up to an impressive 500x.

Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, highlighted the innovative approach, stating: "Naturally, we gave this production our Cinematic RNG treatment to create that modern ‘wow’ factor, but at the same time, we managed to stay true to the old-style graphical theme and overall fun vibe of the classic title.

This way, slots fans who give the roulette version a go will feel right at home and will still be impressed with the new look. Likewise, players coming from the table games world will get to enjoy the 9 Masks experience the best way possible."

The multiplier values, reminiscent of the original slots game, are established at the beginning of each round through a slots-style mechanism, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay.

Enhanced with vibrant visuals and an upbeat African soundtrack, '9 Masks of Fire Roulette' promises an immersive gaming environment. Real Dealer Studios achieved this by integrating polished video footage into a random number generator-based game framework, known as Cinematic RNG.

Available exclusively through Games Global, this innovative roulette adaptation is poised to captivate both slots enthusiasts and table game aficionados, offering a seamless blend of traditional charm and modern gaming thrills.


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