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REEVO Joins Forces With Darwin Gaming To Elevate iGaming Experiences

REEVO Joins Forces With Darwin Gaming To Elevate iGaming Experiences

Leading B2B platform REEVO and innovative mobile gaming specialist Darwin Gaming team up for an exciting partnership aimed at enhancing player experiences and operational efficiency.

REEVO, the renowned B2B content and aggregation platform, is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with Darwin Gaming, a key player in the mobile gaming sector based in Malta. This partnership holds the promise of revolutionizing player experiences while streamlining operations for both entities.

REEVO is dedicated to reshaping the iGaming landscape by simplifying and expediting the customer journey. The REEVO game studio has consistently produced engaging and high-performance slot and table games. Complementing this is their cutting-edge aggregation platform, accessible through a single API, which ensures seamless and hassle-free integration for partners.

Darwin Gaming has gained recognition for its commitment to delivering the ultimate player experience, with a strong emphasis on mobile gaming. Their innovative approach ensures that their games are perfectly tailored to today's fast-paced lifestyles, transcending all gaming categories to deliver unique and captivating gameplay.

The collaboration between REEVO and Darwin Gaming will lead to the effortless integration of Darwin Gaming's content into REEVO's aggregation platform. This integration simplifies access for partners and, most importantly, enriches the gaming experience for players.

Petra Maria Poola, Head of Sales at REEVO, expressed her excitement about the partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to partner with Darwin Gaming, a company that shares our commitment to delivering exceptional player experiences.

By seamlessly integrating Darwin Gaming's content into our aggregation platform, we are not only expanding our offerings but also amplifying the value we bring to our partners, recognizing that mobile is the favored device in iGaming and the future of this industry."

Rui Pena, COO at Darwin Gaming, added, "Joining forces with REEVO is a thrilling step forward for Darwin Gaming. This partnership symbolizes a union of shared visions and a mutual ambition to redefine the iGaming landscape.

We are excited to bring our unique game types and Latam flavor to REEVO's platform, further enriching the diversity and appeal of their gaming library. Our mobile-first approach aligns seamlessly with the needs of today's dynamic players, promising an enhanced and engaging gaming experience."

Pena also highlighted the potential of this collaboration to extend their reach into new markets, particularly leveraging their successes in thriving markets like Brazil.

"For REEVO, our innovative and flexible approach opens up avenues for custom, branded gaming experiences, enriching their offerings. I am confident that this partnership will forge a path of innovation, growth, and unparalleled gaming experiences for our players," Pena concluded.

This partnership between REEVO and Darwin Gaming is poised to bring fresh and exciting developments to the iGaming world, promising greater choice and engagement for players across various markets.



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