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Scrimmage And Kutt Forge Powerful Alliance, Revolutionizing Bet Engagement

Scrimmage And Kutt Forge Powerful Alliance, Revolutionizing Bet Engagement

In an exciting development, gamified loyalty program provider Scrimmage has forged a strategic partnership with the dynamic peer-to-peer (P2P) sports and social gaming app, Kutt.

This collaboration heralds the launch of an innovative custom loyalty program, redefining user experiences in the realm of online betting.

Under this partnership, bettors on the Kutt platform now enjoy a unique playthrough experience, complete with personalized questlines, perks, and tailored rewards.

Since its inception, this program has not only significantly enhanced user engagement but has also led to a remarkable double-digit surge in bet volume and user referrals for Kutt.

Scrimmage, a rising star in the online gambling industry, specializes in crafting gamified loyalty programs tailored for iGaming operators. Whether enhancing existing loyalty systems or creating bespoke ones, Scrimmage excels in boosting user engagement and retention.

Through sophisticated segmentation, users can enjoy personalized quests, boosts, rewards, and level progression, ensuring a tailored experience for each user category.

The significance of personalization cannot be overstated. A McKinsey study revealed that 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions, with 78% stating that personalization increases their likelihood of repurchasing. Scrimmage's approach aligns perfectly with these consumer expectations, delivering a unique, tailored betting journey for every user.

Kutt, on the other hand, stands as a pioneering P2P sports and social gaming app, allowing users to engage in direct wagers on sports, politics, and pop culture events. Serving as the ultimate platform for informed bets and social interactions among bettors, Kutt has seamlessly integrated Scrimmage's custom rewards program, incentivizing users to participate in diverse betting-related tasks and thereby driving higher platform activity and revenue.

In the words of Dan Taren, the founder of Scrimmage: “This partnership showcases the shift from operators to focus on retention and the user experience rather than purely acquisition. Kutt is well positioned for the new generation of bettor that requires the social features and personalization that Scrimmage provides.”

Sim Harmon, the founder of Kutt, expressed his enthusiasm: “The Scrimmage integration was a no-brainer for us. The custom rewards program incentivizes users to complete a variety of betting-related tasks, which results in more platform activity – and therefore revenue – for Kutt.”

This innovative partnership marks a significant stride forward in reshaping the landscape of online betting, emphasizing the pivotal role of personalized experiences in engaging and retaining modern bettors.



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