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Slotegrator Teams Up With Turbo Sportsbook For Enhanced iGaming Solutions

Slotegrator Teams Up With Turbo Sportsbook For Enhanced iGaming Solutions
Slotegrator Teams Up With Turbo Sportsbook For Enhanced iGaming Solutions

Slotegrator, a leading provider of iGaming B2B software, has announced a partnership with Turbo Sportsbook, a dynamic sports betting solution within the Turbo Stars universe. The collaboration brings new features accessible via APIgrator, offering exciting prospects for both companies.

Turbo Sportsbook stands out as a fully managed sports betting solution, providing an extensive array of betting options across more than 120 sports. With a staggering 70,000 live matches available monthly, players can indulge in various options, including esports, virtual sports, and traditional sports.

One of Turbo Sportsbook's key priorities is global accessibility, demonstrated through its support for over 20 languages and acceptance of fiat and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, its content is seamlessly accessible across all devices, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Dedicated to excellence in service provision, Turbo Sportsbook offers round-the-clock support, comprehensive risk management, and a range of customization options. From tailored design solutions reflecting brand identities to content customization based on geographical location, Turbo Sportsbook adapts its offerings to suit individual client needs.

In terms of player engagement and retention, Turbo Sportsbook employs powerful marketing tools such as live data widgets and affiliate marketing feeds. Additionally, enticing reward programs like Freebets and Combo Boost Bonus are deployed to foster user loyalty and satisfaction.

Naman Bajaj, Sales Manager at Slotegrator, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "We are excited about working with Turbo Stars to find the best solutions for our customers. This partnership has great potential, and we will do our best to ensure that everyone benefits."

The collaboration between Slotegrator and Turbo Sportsbook signifies a strategic move aimed at enhancing the iGaming landscape, providing players with innovative solutions and unparalleled gaming experiences.


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