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Soft2Bet Receives Betting And Gaming Licenses In Greek Market

Soft2Bet Receives Betting And Gaming Licenses In Greek Market

Soft2Bet, an acclaimed provider of software solutions, has recently announced that it has been granted remote gaming licenses for betting events and casino games in Greece by the Hellenic Gaming Commission's Gaming Supervision and Control Commission (the EEEP).

With the revival of Greece's online gaming market in 2021, the region has attracted increasing interest from various operators. Soft2Bet has been rapidly expanding its presence in Europe and has already obtained operating licenses in Ireland, Denmark, and Sweden. The Greek market holds particular significance for the platform provider and operator group as it strives to strengthen its global presence by entering more regulated markets.

After a thorough and lengthy process, Soft2Bet has emerged as one of the key players entering the highly regulated Greek market. This achievement underscores Soft2Bet's prominent position in the global gaming industry and reflects the company's commitment to upholding high standards in legal and compliance matters. It also demonstrates the growing capabilities of Soft2Bet as a leading player in the industry.

David Yatom, Soft2Bet's Group General Counsel, expressed his enthusiasm about the new licenses, stating, "The issuance of our betting events and casino games remote gaming licenses in Greece is a significant milestone for Soft2Bet. We see this as a catalyst for further growth and are excited to explore additional licensing opportunities in the near future.

Soft2Bet remains dedicated to expanding its operations and offering our exceptional gaming experience to even more markets worldwide. This highlights the company's commitment to entering further regulated markets across Europe and the globe. It is another important step in the right direction for Soft2Bet."

Soft2Bet's acquisition of remote gaming licenses in Greece marks a major advancement for the company and sets the stage for its continued expansion. With a focus on regulated markets and a commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences, Soft2Bet is poised to further establish its presence in the global gaming landscape.



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