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Spinomenal Celebrates 10th Anniversary With €10m Spinoleague Extravaganza

Spinomenal Celebrates 10th Anniversary With €10m Spinoleague Extravaganza
Spinomenal Celebrates 10th Anniversary With €10m Spinoleague Extravaganza

Spinomenal, a leading provider of iGaming content, is ringing in its 10th anniversary with an exciting new initiative: the Spinoleague.

This special competition boasts a remarkable €10 million maximum prize pool, promising an unforgettable gaming experience for players.

The Spinoleague introduces a unique format, comprising four distinct "seasons," each featuring four tournaments. With a total of 16 separate tournaments, including multiple rounds and a thrilling "Super Round," the competition offers ample opportunities for players to showcase their skills.

During Super Rounds, players' points are doubled, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Additionally, 10% of players' scores accumulated in each round contribute as credit towards their ultimate Super Round score, ensuring a competitive and engaging experience for all participants.

Leaderboard rankings are transparent, visible to players once they reach the qualifying total displayed within the tournament tool. After each round concludes, the Leaderboard resets, providing players with fresh opportunities to climb the ranks.

Moreover, players have the chance to increase their share of the prize pool by tenfold (10X) by achieving specific score targets set for each round.

With its staggering €10 million aggregate maximum prize pool, the Spinoleague promises lucrative rewards for participants. Access to the Spinoleague is exclusively available through real-money play, with a minimum qualifying bet per spin required to join each tournament.

Lior Shvartz, CEO of Spinomenal, expressed excitement about the Spinoleague, stating, "As we commemorate our 10th year, we wanted to celebrate in style, and what better way than with the Spinoleague. Players will love joining in the party where there is the chance for a spectacular €10m prize pool."

The Spinoleague marks a significant milestone for Spinomenal, offering players a thrilling opportunity to compete for substantial rewards while commemorating a decade of innovation and success in the iGaming industry.



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