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Stakelogic Raises The Stakes With Full Network Launch Of Super Wheel™ Feature

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Stakelogic Raises The Stakes With Full Network Launch Of Super Wheel™ Feature
Stakelogic Raises The Stakes With Full Network Launch Of Super Wheel™ Feature

Stakelogic and Stakelogic Live, renowned industry software providers, have unleashed a gaming revolution with the full network launch of their groundbreaking Super Wheel™ feature.

This innovative addition melds Stakelogic's dynamic slot experience with the thrill of a live-casino bonus wheel, brimming with winning opportunities and extra bonuses. Available across multiple slots in Stakelogic's portfolio, this feature can surprise players on any random spin.

Upon activation, players are transported to a live studio powered by Stakelogic Live, where a 54-segment money wheel awaits. Loaded with multipliers, prizes, and three enticing bonus features, the wheel is spun by a lively host, unveiling exciting wins.

Stakelogic's commitment to pushing boundaries shines through as the Super Wheel™ doesn't just end with the wheel spin. Three distinct bonuses come to life when players land on their respective segments, transporting them to a second live studio.

Vegas Drops™ presents an opportunity for substantial multipliers across multiple columns. In Vegas Diamonds™, players enjoy ten free spins with the potential for symbols bearing colossal multipliers of up to 50x. Lastly, Vegas Hold ‘n’ Spin™ introduces a respin-style feature, prompting players to keep landing symbols to maintain the flow of wins.

With an RTP of 93% and a hit rate of 1 in 75, Super Wheel™ tantalizes players with the prospect of substantial wins.

Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO at Stakelogic, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are super excited and incredibly proud to be fully launching the Super Wheel™ feature. It combines everything that makes Stakelogic great - namely, our innovative slot action and our live casino capabilities. Combining the two verticals will create a gameplay experience unlike anything else available on the market right now, and we can’t wait to see how players react."

Players are in for an unparalleled gaming adventure with the fusion of Stakelogic's inventive slot technology and the immersive live-casino experience of the Super Wheel™ feature.



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