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Sumsub Expands Support For 14K+ ID Document Types Across 220+ Countries

Sumsub Expands Support For 14K+ ID Document Types Across 220+ Countries

Sumsub, the global full-cycle verification provider, has significantly expanded its document processing capabilities, now supporting more than 14,000 identity document types from over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

This impressive milestone marks a substantial increase from its previous capacity of 6,500 document types.

Unlike many competitors, Sumsub's advanced technology can process documents with handwritten texts and rare languages, such as Sinhalese used in Sri Lanka. Additionally, the platform handles documents in various formats, considering factors like the year of issue and region. Examples include the Indian Aadhaar, Israeli ID cards, Finnish ID cards, and the recent addition of the Certificate of Naturalization for the United States.

Sumsub's dedication to inclusivity and accessibility led to the expansion of its supported document database. By accommodating a wide range of document formats and scripts, Sumsub ensures that its digital verification platform is accessible to all users and groups, eliminating barriers to online services.

Beyond identity document verification, Sumsub is also a leader in Proof of Address (PoA) checks, vital in industries like crypto, trading, and gambling. With its continuously enhanced PoA Verification feature, Sumsub now has the capability to process over 140,000 PoA documents daily.

The challenge with PoA lies in the diverse document types that can prove residence within a single country, including tax or utility bills, lease agreements, and credit card statements.

Sumsub rises to the occasion, offering maximum coverage for PoA documents and boasting an impressive average PoA verification time of 59 seconds. Moreover, the platform provides options for instant geo-based verification and address checks through global government databases, ensuring robust anti-fraud checks.

Vyacheslav Zholudev, co-founder and CTO at Sumsub, emphasizes the company's commitment to user satisfaction, fraud prevention, and compliance with local AML/KYC regulations. He states, "The more types of ID cards, passports, residence proof, and other documents we are able to verify, the higher the pass rates our global clients reach."

Sumsub's continuous efforts to enhance verification capabilities make it a valuable partner for businesses seeking secure and efficient verification solutions on a global scale.


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