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Sumsub Unveils Groundbreaking Full-Cycle Verification Solution For Gaming Industry

Sumsub Unveils Groundbreaking Full-Cycle Verification Solution For Gaming Industry
Sumsub Unveils Groundbreaking Full-Cycle Verification Solution For Gaming Industry

Sumsub, a pioneer in verification technology, has launched a revolutionary integrated solution designed to cater specifically to the gaming industry's unique needs.

This comprehensive solution, addressing user verification, anti-fraud measures, and compliance, empowers both gaming platforms and operators to streamline the entire player lifecycle while ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

Sumsub's groundbreaking offering encompasses four key pillars to facilitate full-cycle verification:

  1. Fast and Secure Player Onboarding: The solution ensures rapid and secure onboarding of players, meeting compliance standards across 220+ jurisdictions globally. Leveraging KYC/AML, age verification, and proof of address (PoA) checks, gaming platforms can onboard users in under 30 seconds. Sumsub's Non-Doc Verification streamlines onboarding in select countries, requiring users to enter only an ID card number without document scanning.

  2. Fraud Prevention: Combatting scams like bonus abuse, affiliate fraud, and account takeover in real-time, Sumsub's solution employs specific rules to prevent fraudulent activities. This proactive approach reduces reputation risks and minimizes losses associated with fraud.

  3. Player Risk Profiling and Analytics: This module swiftly identifies at-risk behavior through dynamic scores, flagging suspicious activities based on behavioral patterns such as deposit frequency and average bet amount. Customizable rules enhance the system's adaptability.

  4. Responsible Gaming (RG) Compliance: Sumsub introduces an automated solution for RG compliance, integrating its Transaction Monitoring system and global compliance expertise. This unique offering provides a set of rules to help gaming operations detect potential addictions and remain compliant with RG requirements.

Jacob Sever, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Sumsub, emphasized the industry-specific customization of Sumsub's solution, stating, "Often verification and anti-fraud vendors offer solutions initially developed for other industries like fintech.

But they do not correspond to gaming companies’ specific needs as they are not tailored to the user profile which is completely different in gaming. So platforms are left with no choice but to develop these solutions in-house."

Sumsub's success stories include remarkable achievements by its customers in the gaming industry, such as Kaizen Gaming's significant boost in onboarding automation and verification performance, Yolo Group's impressive increase in users' pass rates, and CopyBet's notable reduction in players' time to value.


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