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Tornado Games Teams Up With First Look Games To Elevate Game Promotion

Tornado Games Teams Up With First Look Games To Elevate Game Promotion

Tornado Games, the dynamic developer known for crafting innovative online casino content, has chosen to amplify its game marketing strategy by partnering with the acclaimed First Look Games platform.

By becoming a First Look Games studio partner, Tornado Games gains access to a dedicated library showcasing its complete range of slot games. Approved affiliates can access this library, downloading essential information and assets for each game to create engaging previews and insightful reviews.

Tornado Games' bespoke library encompasses comprehensive details and assets for each title, including game specifications, logos, images, videos, and even demo versions equipped with age verification through 1account. This feature facilitates use in meticulously regulated markets like the UK.

Through the Studio Management Centre of First Look Games, studio partners retain full control over the information shared with affiliates and the timing of its release. This platform empowers studios to highlight operator exclusivity and manage game accessibility across different jurisdictions.

Prioritizing security and compliance, First Look Games employs robust measures to safeguard all stored information and assets. Cloudflare's advanced firewalls ensure data protection, and studios can allocate precise user access to files.

The platform additionally incorporates an accuracy tool, automatically identifying discrepancies in content published by approved affiliates and providing the necessary corrections.

Despite being a relatively emerging studio, Tornado Games has garnered player attention with its engaging game offerings. Leveraging First Look Games' platform, the studio aims to heighten its game visibility within player communities through the influential reach of affiliates.

Elliot Resnick, Managing Director of First Look Games, expressed, "Tornado Games is a valuable addition to our expanding group of studio partners. In the realm of game promotion, our platform stands out as the quintessential solution, offering an array of tools and features that cater to both player engagement and operational security."

Julia Weygandt, COO at Tornado Games, affirmed, "Our partnership with First Look Games is an exciting step forward. Leveraging their platform and suite of features, we can effectively promote our expanding slot portfolio through affiliate channels. Recognizing affiliates as influential marketing conduits, First Look Games empowers us to ensure affiliates possess accurate information and assets to craft high-quality content for their audiences."


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