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WA.Technology Strengthens Mexican iGaming Presence As AIEJA Member

WA.Technology Strengthens Mexican iGaming Presence As AIEJA Member
WA.Technology Strengthens Mexican iGaming Presence As AIEJA Member

In a significant move aimed at consolidating its foothold in the Mexican iGaming landscape, WA.Technology proudly announces its official membership with AIEJA, the revered Mexican Association of Permit Holders, Operators, and Suppliers of the Entertainment and Betting Industry.

Expressing his excitement about this milestone partnership, Axel Antillón, LATAM Regional Director for WA.Technology, remarked, "Joining AIEJA is not just about expanding our market presence in Mexico; it's about aligning with industry frontrunners committed to championing transparency and innovation.

This membership underscores our unwavering dedication to delivering secure and top-notch gaming experiences."

AIEJA serves as a pivotal civil association dedicated to nurturing a collaborative atmosphere conducive to enhancing dialogue among its members. The association's significance lies in its role of shedding light on the economic, fiscal, and social impacts of Mexico's entertainment and gaming sectors.

The concerted efforts of AIEJA revolve around advocating for responsible industry practices, propelling legislative reforms pertinent to the General Law of Games and Lotteries, thwarting potential unfair practices, and advocating for fair labor conditions for the multitude of employment opportunities fostered by the sector.

WA.Technology's deepening commitment to the Mexican iGaming realm is exemplified by its decision to align with AIEJA. This membership assures operators robust support in their market entry endeavors, furnishing them with secure, efficient, and compliant integration solutions.

Furthermore, it validates WA.Technology's adherence to stringent security protocols, cyber safeguards, and development standards, thereby ensuring the delivery of premium-quality products.

As a pivotal player in the region, WA.Technology bolsters investor and consumer confidence by adhering to local regulations, best practices, and stringent control mechanisms.



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