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Wazdan Unveils Branded 25 Coins™ Slot With Betclic In Portugal

Wazdan Unveils Branded 25 Coins™ Slot With Betclic In Portugal
Wazdan Unveils Branded 25 Coins™ Slot With Betclic In Portugal

Wazdan, renowned for developing some of the most rewarding casino game experiences, has launched a branded version of its popular slot, 25 Coins™, for the Portuguese market in partnership with Betclic.

The collaboration with Betclic, a leading operator in the region, aligns seamlessly with the shared goals of both companies to provide top-tier gaming experiences and drive growth in the iGaming sector. This new release highlights Wazdan’s commitment to innovation and excellence in game development.

The branded 25 Coins™ slot boasts advanced mechanics aimed at enhancing player engagement. These features include:

  • Cash Infinity™

  • Hold the Jackpot™

  • Chance Level™

  • Cluster Collector

  • Sticky to Infinity™

These mechanics are designed to maximize player enjoyment and satisfaction, reinforcing Wazdan’s reputation for creating engaging and rewarding games.

The launch of the branded 25 Coins™ slot marks a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between Wazdan and Betclic. This partnership has consistently delivered high-quality content to Portuguese players, reflecting both companies' dedication to growth and innovation.

Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan, expressed enthusiasm about the new release: "Our collaboration with Betclic, one of our most esteemed partners, on the branded 25 Coins™ slot is a significant step forward in our shared mission to create the world’s most rewarding casino experiences. This game encapsulates our dedication to player satisfaction and continuous growth in the iGaming industry."

The new branded slot is expected to further solidify Wazdan and Betclic's positions as leaders in the Portuguese iGaming market, offering players unique and highly engaging gaming experiences.



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