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Xtremepush Acquires Thunderbite: A Game-Changing Move In iGaming

Xtremepush Acquires Thunderbite: A Game-Changing Move In iGaming

Xtremepush, a leading omnichannel customer engagement platform, has announced its acquisition of Thunderbite, a distinguished UK-based provider of Free-To-Play (F2P) games.

This strategic move is set to redefine player engagement and loyalty in the iGaming sector and beyond.

Thunderbite specializes in F2P games for sportsbooks, casinos, bingo, and lotteries, managing campaigns for over 100 brands worldwide. With six years of industry experience, Thunderbite has earned recognition as the No.1 Independent Developer of Free-To-Play Games for iGaming Operators in the EU and US.

The acquisition combines Thunderbite’s expertise in F2P games with Xtremepush’s real-time data, AI, and Omnichannel Activation capabilities to deliver personalized acquisition and retention strategies. This unified solution offers 1:1 player experiences, streamlining processes and enhancing user experiences.

John Smith, CEO of Thunderbite, emphasized the importance of this acquisition: “This acquisition is about scaling not only business but also vision. Both our teams have pioneered unique approaches in customer engagement. Together, as one unified platform, we’ll tackle industry challenges head-on. We’ll also elevate the standard for what operators should expect from their tech partnerships.”

Tommy Kearns, CEO of Xtremepush, highlighted the power of integration: “Integrating Thunderbite’s game data into our real-time analytics and AI-driven activation features, we’re essentially putting rocket fuel in our customer engagement engine. This acquisition empowers us to offer hyper-targeted, personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints. Like never before.”

With this acquisition, Xtremepush becomes the most comprehensive iGaming solution on the market, addressing key pain points for companies by simplifying data extraction, analysis, and activation. This move sets a new industry standard, providing operators with unparalleled value and insights into marketing operations.

Xtremepush's acquisition of Thunderbite marks a significant milestone in the iGaming industry. This move not only enhances player engagement but also transforms experience into loyalty, positioning Xtremepush as the sole end-to-end solution in the market.

Thunderbite employees, including co-founders, are now part of Xtremepush, ensuring a seamless transition and a comprehensive platform for operators.



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