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Xtremepush Partners With The Pools For Omnichannel Engagement

Xtremepush Partners With The Pools For Omnichannel Engagement
Xtremepush Partners With The Pools For Omnichannel Engagement

Xtremepush, the leading customer engagement platform, has inked a comprehensive deal with The Pools, a renowned British brand, to provide a unified platform for its digital transformation.

The partnership encompasses the integration of Xtremepush's suite of solutions, including optimisation and automation CRM tools, and a real-time customer data platform (CDP) to enhance player engagement across sports betting, casino, and lottery products.

Following its recent rebrand from The Football Pools, The Pools aims to adopt a player-centric approach utilizing technology for a modern gaming experience. Xtremepush's platform will play a crucial role in delivering personalized and relevant messages to The Pools' users.

In addition to CRM tools and the CDP, Xtremepush will also create exclusive free-to-play (F2P) games for The Pools, solidifying a fully unified omnichannel solution. The first F2P game, Football Squares, is a bingo-style scratchcard covering various football events on a given day, providing real-time triggers and insights through Xtremepush's CRM platform.

This partnership is particularly significant for Xtremepush, marking one of the first integrations since its acquisition of Thunderbite in September 2023. The deal aims to redefine player engagement, gamification, and loyalty in the iGaming industry.

Rob Pryce, Chief Revenue Officer at Xtremepush, expressed the importance of the deal, stating, "The Pools is a truly iconic brand, and we are honored to be working with them at this vital stage of their life cycle where they are digitally transforming their business.

We share the same values when it comes to a customer-focused approach, and the potential of the bespoke free-to-play games we are creating...are incredibly exciting for both companies."

Steve Talbot, Chief Commercial Officer at The Pools, highlighted the significance of Xtremepush's unified platform, stating, "The Pools is such an iconic and well-loved brand in Britain...We've been really impressed with the range of solutions Xtremepush offers and particularly the bespoke free-to-play games they have developed for us. We're sure they will be really well received by our players."

The collaboration signifies a strategic move for both companies, leveraging technology and innovative gaming experiences to capture the modern gaming audience.



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