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Yggdrasil Unleashes Fiery Excitement With Burning Blox GigaBlox™ Slot

Yggdrasil Unleashes Fiery Excitement With Burning Blox GigaBlox™ Slot

Yggdrasil and Jelly have joined forces once again to set the reels ablaze in their latest collaboration, Burning Blox GigaBlox™. In this innovative slot, players are greeted by a 6x4 grid adorned with classic fruit symbols, diamonds, and bars. Every spin brings the excitement of supersized symbols, with possibilities stretching up to a massive 4x4 in size.

The game introduces a unique twist with a diamond counter on the left side of the reels. The number of diamonds present corresponds to a cash payout, starting from six diamonds awarding 1.6x, and reaching up to an impressive 800x for 20 or more diamonds.

To unlock the thrilling free spins feature, players need five or more bonus symbols. During these free spins, each icon transforms into one or two spins per symbol. In this mode, merely four Diamonds are needed to trigger a cash prize, with more Diamonds leading to higher payouts.

Burning Blox GigaBlox™ is the newest addition to Jelly's lineup in the YG Masters program, following the success of Beasty Blox GigaBlox™. By blending classic graphics with modern mechanics like GigaBlox™, the game showcases the innovation fostered by the YG Masters initiative.

Powered by GATI, Yggdrasil's cutting-edge technology, this title offers partners a standardized development toolkit, ensuring the production of top-notch content and rapid distribution across the gaming landscape.

Mark McGinley, Chief Gaming Officer at Yggdrasil, expressed his excitement about the game: “Burning Blox GigaBlox™ merges classic fruity slot graphics with modern GigaBlox™ mechanics. This combination of tradition and innovation embodies the spirit of our YG Masters program, a hub for creative ideas. We believe players of all generations will relish the thrill of Burning Blox GigaBlox™.”

Victoria Newbolt, Marketing Lead at Jelly, shared her enthusiasm: “Launching Burning Blox GigaBlox™ is a testament to our growing partnership within the YG Masters initiative. Our collaboration with Yggdrasil has allowed us to explore various GEMs and themes, and we are incredibly excited about this dynamic new addition to our portfolio.”

Experience the sizzle of Burning Blox GigaBlox™ and dive into a world where classic charm meets contemporary excitement!



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