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BetGames Elevates Betano Collaboration With Tailored Launch Of Skyward Crash Game

BetGames Elevates Betano Collaboration With Tailored Launch Of Skyward Crash Game
BetGames Elevates Betano Collaboration With Tailored Launch Of Skyward Crash Game

BetGames, a leading games provider, has unveiled a custom version of its inaugural crash game, Skyward, exclusively for the Brazilian market in collaboration with the Betano brand.

The headline event, "BetGames Elevates Betano Collaboration with Tailored Launch of Skyward Crash Game," highlights the strategic move to enhance the gaming experience for Betano's Brazilian players.

BetGames' tailored version of Skyward incorporates features specifically adapted for the Brazilian audience, including localized animations designed to cater to the preferences of players in the region. This initiative underscores the commitment of the partnership to deliver the most immersive and culturally relevant gameplay experience.

Skyward, characterized by its high-energy plane-based adventure, boasts a visually stunning design set against an aerial backdrop. The game features captivating animations that elevate the overall player enjoyment.

The collaboration strengthens Betano's presence in the burgeoning Brazilian market, addressing potential infrastructure challenges related to wait times and stability. The adapted game addresses issues such as limited internet connection and preferences for low data consumption.

The gameplay itself is designed to appeal to gamblers of all levels, offering a simple yet engaging format. Players are encouraged to showcase bravery as they navigate the game, with increasingly favorable rewards awaiting those who hold their nerve, including the possibility of a maximum multiplier of x100,000.

Ian Catchick, Chief Product Officer at BetGames, expressed excitement, stating, “We're excited to bring Skyward to Betano and enable its players to experience a dedicated and localised edition of our debut crash game, which has already received a positive reception internationally."

He added, "With the hugely popular, high-frequency aircraft-themed crash game concept, Skyward brings a new level of excitement and engagement to our extensive portfolio of pre-existing games and opens the door to potential future partnerships in the market.”

Christos Mavridis, Head of Live Casino at Kaizen Gaming, the parent company of Betano, highlighted the continuous growth efforts of Betano and the significance of adding the localized version of Skyward to their game catalog. He said, “Adding the localised version of Skyward to our catalogue of games, with its easy-to-follow format, is another step towards our ultimate goal - to provide the most unforgettable sports betting and gaming experience to our customers. We look forward to watching the aerial action unfold in our own branded game.”

This collaboration marks another milestone in the series of projects entrusted to BetGames by Kaizen Gaming, further solidifying BetGames' reputation for delivering tailored content for operators.


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