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Future Anthem And Betsson Group Forge Ahead With AI-Powered Player Experiences

Future Anthem And Betsson Group Forge Ahead With AI-Powered Player Experiences
Future Anthem And Betsson Group Forge Ahead With AI-Powered Player Experiences

In a strategic move towards enhancing player experiences, Betsson Group is partnering with Future Anthem, a trailblazing AI and data science powerhouse.

The collaboration aims to implement Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI, a real-time product, enabling Betsson to offer its global player base personalized and secure gaming experiences across its diverse brand portfolio.

Jan Chircop, Head of Gaming Projects at Betsson Group, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Future Anthem.

By harnessing the power of AI, we are confident that our players will enjoy more engaging and sustainable gaming experiences as we transition to personalized experiences."

The integration of Amplifier AI ensures one-to-one personalization, placing player preferences at the forefront of the gaming experience. Additionally, it introduces risk monitoring during every casino session, contributing to responsible gaming practices.

Eduards Jakubovs, Head of Responsible Gaming at Betsson Group, highlighted the significance of enhancing customer protection in online casino betting, stating, "Future Anthem’s real-time personalized risk scoring engine will work in parallel with our own in-house Prediction Model to ensure the highest level of protection for our players."

One of the notable aspects of this partnership is Betsson's commitment to real-time action during critical moments in the player journey. Amplifier AI's modules will be deployed swiftly, allowing Betsson to respond promptly to each player's needs in a highly personalized manner.

Leigh Nissim, Founder and CEO of Future Anthem, commended Betsson's vision for personalization, stating, "The Betsson team has a clear vision around personalization to improve player experiences, and we’re delighted that our all-encompassing personalization product, Amplifier AI, is becoming an integral part of their journey."

This groundbreaking initiative is set to roll out gradually across Betsson's global brands and jurisdictions in the coming months, promising an unparalleled level of personalization and sustainability for their expansive player base.



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