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Gaming Corps Expands Reach With Bragg Gaming Group Integration

Gaming Corps Expands Reach With Bragg Gaming Group Integration
Gaming Corps Expands Reach With Bragg Gaming Group Integration

Gaming Corps, a prominent Swedish game developer, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Bragg Gaming Group to integrate its entire suite of casino games onto the Bragg Hub content aggregation platform.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Gaming Corps, allowing its diverse portfolio to reach a global audience through Bragg’s extensive network. Games like Samba Soccer, Lobster Hotpot, and the innovative "Smash4Cash™" series will now be accessible across multiple jurisdictions via Bragg Hub.

Danielle Calafato, Chief Commercial Officer at Gaming Corps, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “Our deal with Bragg gives us an exceptional platform to showcase our games to a diverse client base around the world and is in keeping with our broader market strategy.

This is a really exciting collaboration, which is already showing great results and we couldn’t be happier with where this partnership is headed and we look forward to seeing all our future content made available to more and more operators.”

Bragg Hub is renowned for its seamless integration and vast content library, providing customers with immediate access to a wide array of gaming products.

Ivica Jovanovski, Head of Aggregation at Bragg Gaming Group, highlighted the synergy between Bragg’s platform and Gaming Corps’ offerings: “We have a reputation for providing a wide variety of unique, innovative and localised content to our customers and Gaming Corps casino games fall very nicely into these categories.”

The integration onto Bragg Hub not only expands Gaming Corps’ market reach but also enhances Bragg Gaming Group’s portfolio with engaging and distinctive casino content. This partnership underscores both companies’ commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences globally.

As the collaboration progresses, both Gaming Corps and Bragg Gaming Group anticipate further growth and success in the competitive iGaming industry. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting partnership unfolds.

This integration signifies a strategic move by Gaming Corps to leverage Bragg’s platform for broader market penetration and increased player engagement, setting the stage for continued innovation and expansion in the iGaming sector.


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