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Internet Vikings Expands Disaster Recovery Capability With Second Data Center In Delaware

Internet Vikings Expands Disaster Recovery Capability With Second Data Center In Delaware
Internet Vikings Expands Disaster Recovery Capability With Second Data Center In Delaware

Internet Vikings, a prominent provider of licensed in-state hosting solutions in the United States, has inaugurated its second data center in Delaware.

This move enhances the company's foothold in the iGaming and sports betting sector, allowing it to deliver robust Disaster Recovery services to operators throughout Delaware.

The decision to open a second data center in Delaware stems from the growing demand for stability and reliability in the region, as stated in Internet Vikings’ official announcement.

This expansion follows the company's pioneering implementation of full redundancy in West Virginia in September 2023, addressing the industry's need for disaster recovery amidst the escalating threat of ransomware attacks.

By establishing another data center in Delaware, Internet Vikings reaffirms its commitment to providing dependable hosting solutions tailored to the evolving requirements of the iGaming and sports betting industries.

Kristoffer Ottosson, CTO at Internet Vikings, explains the rationale behind the expansion, stating, "Our clients demand absolute assurance that their platforms will function seamlessly, regardless of unforeseen circumstances. This drove our decision to reinforce our presence in Delaware with a second data center, ensuring top-tier redundancy and performance."

Rickard Vikström, CEO and Founder of Internet Vikings, emphasizes the significance of disaster recovery in today's landscape, remarking, “Given the heightened threat of ransomware attacks and the substantial financial repercussions they entail, disaster recovery has become a strategic imperative for many gaming companies.

Our second data center in Delaware bolsters the region's disaster recovery capabilities, offering the industry unparalleled security and infrastructure.”

With a steadfast commitment to security, reliability, and client satisfaction, Internet Vikings is carving out a distinct path in the iGaming and sports betting domain across the United States.



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