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Kiron Interactive And Betika Drive Rapid Expansion With Kiron.Lite In Kenya

Kiron Interactive And Betika Drive Rapid Expansion With Kiron.Lite In Kenya
Kiron Interactive And Betika Drive Rapid Expansion With Kiron.Lite In Kenya

Kiron Interactive, a renowned virtual sports and numbers games provider, celebrates significant growth in Kenya following the launch of its innovative data-lite platform, Kiron.Lite, in collaboration with leading online gaming giant Betika.

Designed to meet the unique needs of African markets, Kiron.Lite has swiftly gained traction since its Q1 rollout, with Betika experiencing a notable increase in turnover on virtual products within the first four weeks.

By offering an efficient, low-bandwidth solution, Kiron.Lite optimizes the gaming experience for players while minimizing mobile data usage. The platform delivers the excitement of in-play betting without the burden of bandwidth-intensive visuals, ensuring seamless access to virtual sports events.

Integrated with Kiron's Omnichannel RGS, BetMan, Kiron.Lite provides an intuitive system that seamlessly connects with the customer Wallet API, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Betika customers now have access to Kiron's popular Virtual Sports games, enjoying features that mirror real sports events. With the ability to place bets 24/7 across a wide range of sports fixtures, players can indulge in the thrill of in-play betting every two minutes, providing continuous entertainment and betting opportunities.

The success of the partnership with Betika underscores the efficiency and flexibility of Kiron.Lite, delivering an enhanced betting experience to players while addressing the challenges faced by operators in African markets.

Steven Spartinos, Kiron Co-CEO, expressed pride in the development of Kiron.Lite, stating, "We're proud to have developed a delivery system that is specifically designed to counter the challenges faced by operations in some areas of Africa.

We're also delighted to be working alongside Betika, which now enjoys a significant advantage in a competitive marketplace in ensuring its players can get their hands on the right content without having to worry about data consumption."

Peter Stagles, Head of Gaming at Betika, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the value of the partnership in providing customers with a seamless and efficient betting experience. Stagles stated, "This partnership represents great value to us, providing our customers with the Kiron products that they love in the most efficient manner possible."

The collaboration between Kiron Interactive and Betika marks a significant milestone in delivering innovative betting solutions to the Kenyan market, empowering players to enjoy sports betting entertainment with ease and accessibility.


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