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PoggiPlay Levels Up: Joins Forces With First Look Games For Enhanced Game Promotion

PoggiPlay Levels Up: Joins Forces With First Look Games For Enhanced Game Promotion
PoggiPlay Levels Up: Joins Forces With First Look Games For Enhanced Game Promotion

PoggiPlay, the pioneering iGaming provider renowned for its innovative approach to game development, has embarked on an exciting journey by teaming up with First Look Games to elevate its marketing endeavors and amplify the promotion of its groundbreaking games.

Situated within the immersive PoggiPlay Universe, each of the studio's titles is meticulously crafted, boasting unparalleled attention to detail across slot mechanics, bonuses, narrative, in-game characters, visuals, sound, and beyond.

With a steadfast mission to deliver unforgettable player experiences, PoggiPlay has aligned with First Look Games to expand the reach of its captivating portfolio. Through this collaboration, PoggiPlay gains access to a dedicated game library, empowering approved affiliates to raise awareness of its exhilarating titles.

The comprehensive library encompasses game sheets, logos, images, and videos for every PoggiPlay title, enabling affiliates to curate accurate previews and reviews, thus enriching players' gaming journeys.

Moreover, PoggiPlay's game demos will be readily available to all registered publishers via the First Look Games "Demo Game Server," ensuring seamless access while adhering to age verification requirements in relevant jurisdictions.

First Look Games further distinguishes itself by offering select affiliates an exclusive "first look" at PoggiPlay's latest releases two weeks prior to their official launch. This privileged access enables affiliates to craft enticing previews, fostering anticipation and excitement among players.

Recognizing the pivotal role of affiliates in driving player engagement, Elliott Resnick, Managing Director at First Look Games, emphasized the platform's commitment to facilitating seamless collaboration between studios and affiliates, thus maximizing the promotional potential of PoggiPlay's remarkable games.

In echoing this sentiment, Nikita Kiselev, PR Manager at PoggiPlay, expressed optimism regarding the partnership with First Look Games, underscoring its significance in bolstering the studio's affiliate marketing initiatives and expanding its player base.

As PoggiPlay embarks on this transformative journey with First Look Games, the stage is set for unparalleled growth and innovation in the dynamic realm of iGaming.


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