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Quanta - Delivering Volume And Value

Updated: Mar 11

Quanta - Delivering Volume And Value
Quanta - Delivering Volume And Value

Dee Maher, CEO of Quanta, talks about innovation in the content provision space and how her company is looking to change the game by taking a mass-market approach.

Innovative. This word is often used to describe the approach being taken by operators and studios to bring new products and player experiences to the market. And while it is perhaps a little over-used, the speed at which the sector moves forward is only possible because of this collective pushing of boundaries.

But there is one area that has not seen much in the way of innovation, and that is the area of content aggregation and supply. This is a space dominated by a small number of powerful aggregators, with studios and operators offered little in the way of differentiation between them.

The formula is simple enough. Studios integrate their games with the various aggregators’ platforms, paying a fee for the visibility and access to the operators that the aggregators have partnerships with. Those operators then pay the aggregator a fee for being given access to this content.

While some argue this established method is effective and requires no alteration, it disproportionately empowers aggregators who profit from both sides. This dynamic poses challenges for smaller studios and operators striving to connect with these elite aggregators.

While these aggregators are keen to onboard as many studios and plug in to as many operators as possible, it’s not uncommon to find queues and delays in the process. As an industry at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, such inefficiencies are unacceptable.

In fact, at Quanta, we believe the area of content provision must be subject to a major shake-up with the whole model for how studios and operators connect being rewritten. This is why we have launched the first mass-market content aggregation platform.

Our scale is unrivalled both in terms of the number of studios and titles we will offer and in our global network of operator partners – we are embarking on obtaining certifications in all major regulated jurisdictions and markets around the world to expand this network even further.

For studios, our platform ensures their games will reach the widest operator audience, facilitating a straightforward integration into their lobbies. For operators, we are signing deals to enable access to thousands of slots, table games, instant wins, live dealer and non traditional titles all in one place.

We are revolutionising another aspect of the industry by simplifying the content offering process.

Operators know they need to offer content from a huge selection of providers, and this often means multiple integrations both with aggregators and individual studios, leading to elevated costs.

The substantial volume managed by Quanta enables us to offer the absolute best commercial agreements for both parties.

Because operators will be able to access all the content they need from a single, state-of the-art platform that can be integrated seamlessly into their tech stack, content fees are significantly reduced.

For studios, we provide access to the industry’s most extensive distribution network at minimal reseller fees. This makes our platform accessible to a wide range of studios, including start-ups and those just starting to make a name for themselves.

Adopting this approach is a calculated risk. We believe in the mass market approach to content aggregation and provision, but this is an entirely new concept that will take time to gain the traction needed for it to be considered a success.

Why has no one else taken this approach before? For me, it’s not because the model won’t work, but rather that no other organisation has had the vision, ambition and resources to pull it off – Quanta is owned and operated by La Royale Gaming Investments which is heavily committed to the business.

This backing has been crucial as we knew from the start that the platform would have to be powerful and sophisticated to handle the sheer volume that will be passed through it. Its strength and resilience are truly remarkable.

Ultimately, we know that operators are struggling to meet player demand for quality content.

They want variety, too. This means offering a vast portfolio of titles if they are to engage the widest possible audience and meet consumer expectations.

Managing multiple integrations is ineffective, inefficient, and unsustainable. Quanta overcomes this issue, reducing the content costs for operators. This innovation, coupled with the benefits for studios, underscores our confidence in our proposition.

Quanta is just one way in which La Royale Gaming Investments is looking to shake up the online gambling industry. As a holding company, we will bring together a unique ecosystem of innovative offline and online gambling companies through strategic mergers and acquisitions.

This is merely the beginning of Quanta’s journey, with many more ambitious plans in the pipeline.

Stay tuned for further developments.




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