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RAW Group Makes Waves In Ontario: Unleashing RAW iGaming's Innovation

RAW Group Makes Waves In Ontario: Unleashing RAW iGaming's Innovation

Malta-based RAW Group, the brains behind inventive gaming mechanics like SuperSlice®, SuperTracks®, and SuperSymbols™, is set to revolutionize Ontario's gaming scene.

The company has received the green light to launch its innovative suite of games in the province, promising players a thrilling and unique gaming experience.

RAW iGaming's groundbreaking titles, characterized by patent-pending innovations, are making their grand entrance into Ontario's market. Games like Ave Caesar DynamicWays™, Raging Super2Ways SuperSymbols™, and the newly minted Aztec SuperTracks™ will soon grace the lobbies of major operators, offering Ontario players an entirely new level of excitement.

Tom Wood, CEO of RAW Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the company's expansion into Ontario: “From the outset when we founded RAW in 2021, our mindset was fixed on pushing creativity and mechanics to deliver games that excite players in ways that other slot games haven’t even thought of.

Our innovative products push boundaries but still deliver experiences that players recognize and want to play – a balance that is hard to strike. We are honored to see our titles in Canadian lobbies and for players to see why we are the pink shark in the sea of sameness.”

RAW's entrance into Ontario marks a significant step in their global strategy. With approvals in key markets like the UK, Sweden, and Malta, RAW Group is making bold moves to offer their innovative gaming experiences to players worldwide.

As Ontario players prepare for this gaming revolution, RAW Group is all set to transform the gaming landscape with their inventive and exhilarating titles. Get ready for a gaming experience like no other, Ontario!


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