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Rightlander and Boylesports Join Forces To Enhance Advertising Compliance In The UK Market

Rightlander and Boylesports Join Forces To Enhance Advertising Compliance In The UK Market

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering compliance with UK advertising regulations, Rightlander, a renowned marketing compliance solutions provider, has announced a partnership with Boylesports, a well-established player in the UK gaming industry.

The core objective of this collaboration is to ensure Boylesports' steadfast adherence to advertising regulations within the UK market, particularly in the current climate of intensified regulatory oversight.

Rightlander will leverage its cutting-edge website monitoring technology to closely oversee the digital advertising content of Boylesports. This advanced technology is primarily geared towards guaranteeing full compliance with UK advertising regulations, providing assurance that all online activities align seamlessly with local laws and guidelines.

Dimitrios Armadoros, Head of Performance Marketing at Boylesports, emphasized the need for a more comprehensive approach to monitoring online advertising activities, particularly in the context of increased regulatory scrutiny in the UK market.

He remarked, "We find that Rightlander's offering aligns closely with our specific needs and expectations and will equip us with the tools we need to navigate this complex regulatory landscape effectively."

Boylesports was drawn to Rightlander due to its user-friendly platform design. Rightlander boasts clear and concise reporting features, simplifying the management of compliance data for Boylesports. Additionally, its intuitive dashboard and online interface provide ease of adjustment for settings and real-time results viewing, facilitating more agile decision-making.

Jonathan Elkin, Sales Director at Rightlander, expressed delight at the partnership with Boylesports, underlining that the collaboration not only underscores the platform's efficacy but also underscores their unwavering commitment to assisting brands in upholding the highest standards of advertising compliance.

This strategic alliance signifies Boylesports' dedication to maintaining regulatory standards while streamlining the management of its advertising content, all within the backdrop of increasingly complex regulatory requirements in the UK market.


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