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Rootz Chooses GeoLocs By mkodo For Advanced Geolocation Services In Ontario

Rootz Chooses GeoLocs By mkodo For Advanced Geolocation Services In Ontario

mkodo Limited ("mkodo"), a prominent name in the digital technology sphere, has forged a strategic partnership with Rootz to deliver its cutting-edge geolocation service, GeoLocs, to Rootz's flagship online casino, Wildz.

This collaboration will see the integration of the dedicated iGaming geolocation platform into Rootz's offerings, ensuring a secure and fraud-free gaming experience for players in the Ontario region of Canada.

GeoLocs, a leading geolocation verification service, specializes in the North American sports betting and iGaming markets. Tailored to meet the specific needs of iGaming operators, GeoLocs plays a pivotal role in verifying that these operators are functioning within licensed jurisdictions, thus guaranteeing responsible gaming for their users.

For Rootz, GeoLocs provides a robust solution that enhances compliance measures, optimizes revenue generation, and meets regulatory requirements. Additionally, the platform ensures a seamless user experience for location verification, enabling users to swiftly confirm their location directly within the app or website, eliminating any protracted location approval processes.

Stuart Godfree, Managing Director at mkodo, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership: "We're excited to work with Rootz in Ontario to offer their players the best user experience for geolocation verification. We're proud to be supporting their iGaming launch in Ontario as we continue to establish GeoLocs as a leading geolocation verification service in this territory."

Tony Kjäldström, Chief Product Officer at Rootz, added: "GeoLocs is a perfect choice for our geolocation verification needs for players in Ontario. The technology and expertise behind GeoLocs, as well as the knowledge of regulations and compliance in the region, have been key in supporting us to license and operate in the regulated Canadian market.

The partnership with mkodo supports Rootz with delivering an online betting experience like no other by offering our players a seamless experience that meets the compliance and regulatory demands of the territory."


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